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Dr. Patrick Flanagan - Interview with an Extraordinary Scientist

Extraordinary people are everywhere. Some live their lives quietly, impacting mostly those closest to them - like friends and family. And then there are those extraordinary folk who forever change the way the rest of us look at the world.

Its inspirational to know that unusual, gifted people arrive when humanity most needs them. These are the creative geniuses, the visionaries, who blaze the trail so the rest of us can follow.

Alas, the lives of these non-average folk are often strewn with difficulties because they are so very different. Their gifts of genius - although rewarding - can be a heavy cross to bear.

It is interesting, too, that we don't always recognize the greatness of these people until after they die, and rarely do we realize who and what they really are. How often does it seem that extraordinary people are from "elsewhere" and not indigenous to this planet at all. How could they be when they "break the mold" in every way and defy the boundaries of human limitations set down by the less lofty majority? What makes these people so uniquely special when they so frequently are born of average parents in non-unique households?

The following is my interview with Dr. Patrick Flanagan: one of the most intriguing scientists on the planet today. Although various aspects of Flanagan's life are covered, what you will likely find of great interest is his stunning research on amazing Hunza water, leading to the development of clustered water - a profound source for healing and rejuvenation.

by Paula Peterson
Earthcode International Network

Patrick Flanagan, PhD, is a perfect example of extraordinary genius. In addition to achieving one of the highest honors - theScientist of the Year award in 1997 - the rest of Flanagan's life reads like a fabulous fable. Except that its all true.

LIFE magazine was so smitten with this man's genius that it published a separate special edition featuring Flanagan and his inventions. He was, and still is, an enigma to the world, a child prodigy who astounded the military with his atomic bomb and missile detector - a device he built at the age of twelve!

His life makes a very good read. So much so, that I convinced him to agree to an interview - in person. It took me weeks to find this man, only to discover that he lives in the mountains a mere few miles from me!

I was privileged to learn a few things about him that are not widely known. Stick with me here, and you'll find that some of his discoveries in the areas of health and healing - including life extension - may be of great benefit to you. At the very least, his story will be interesting reading.

Alien Coercion

Many of you will remember the book Pyramid Power, a run-away best seller in the 70's, written by Patrick Flanagan, PhD. His research and insights into the power of the pyramid generated an enduring avalanche of pyramid-mania: from televised documentaries to strange pyramid shaped hats - a fascination that lasted for years throughout the world and continues to this very day.

What was it like to grow up as a genius with extraordinary gifts and talents? What was it like to be a different kind of kid? Patrick remarked that it was difficult. His mother used to say, “Patrick, don't be a genius. Be normal.” But Patrick didn't know what normal was. He was a weird kid and he knew it.

How did the inspiration for his inventions come about? It's interesting that Patrick is not able to explain how it happens. Even though it seems his inventions are "given" to him, he feels that he really has to work hard for them.

When he was eight, he began having a recurring nightmare each night. It was a menacing thing. He dreamed of being an adult pilot, flying over the Pacific Ocean in a single engine airplane. The engine would die and he would be forced to land on a tiny island. A UFO would come along and land. Out of the craft emerged beings who looked like humans; although, they were taller, extraordinarily beautiful, and had blonde hair.

They had a device that looked like a lap top computer along with a helmet that had shiny, silver-like electrodes all over on the inside. This “helmet” was put on his head, and when he asked what they were doing they said, “We’re measuring your knowledge and intelligence. If you don't match up to our standards, we’re going to destroy you and all the people on earth.”

Talk about pressure! If that happened to you at the age of eight, what would you do?

Consequently, Patrick began reading everything he could get his hands on. As long as he continued to read, the nightmares would stay away. But, if he stopped reading and began playing like the other kids, the nightmares would start up again.

He established a habit of reading, and by the time he was fourteen he could read 14,500 words per minute with 95% comprehension. He literally devoured ten to twelve books a day. His interest was mainly physics, electronics, chemistry and abnormal psychology.

He was only eleven when he invented the guided missile and atomic bomb detector, and only twelve when he entered the device in his first Science Fair in Houston, Texas. When Patrick won over the entire science fair in Houston for this device, he captured the attention of the US military.

He was in the study hall in school, when the principal spoke over the loud speaker and said, “Will Patrick Flanagan please come to my office? The Pentagon is on the telephone.”

In the principal’s office, a five-star general questioned Patrick about the atom bomb and missile detector and asked if he could send a group of people from Wright Paterson Air Force Base to look at it. Patrick said yes, and so he did.

After he showed them his device, they took it. Later, he received a letter stating that they had placed the device in a satellite. When he asked them about the details, he was told that it was classified information. Apparently, his device was now top secret - even from him - and he never saw it again for many years.

The Neurophone

When Patrick was thirteen, he was inspired by a science fiction story written in 1911 by Hugo Gurnsbach, founder of the large electronics and science publishing house. The hero in the story was much like Nikola Tesla. He found it interesting that in his story, Gurnsbach had made startling predictions about television, radar, and intercontinental missiles, to name a few, long before they were actually invented.

In the story, the hero had a device with two electrodes that he put on his head, and when he went to sleep at night, the device would transmit all the news of the world into his brain. Since Patrick had an insatiable appetite for knowledge, he thought, Man, if I had one of those, it could really accelerate my learning.

Six months later, he developed one and called it the Neurophone: an ultra-sonic radio transmitter with two electrodes that goes onto your head. Any sound played into it bypasses normal hearing and transmits directly into the long-term memory center of the brain. Among other uses - like amplifying thoughts for telepathic projections - the Neurophone made it possible for severely hearing impaired people to hear. So he decided to apply for a patent.

In the mean time, he was invited to lecture at the Houston Amateur Radio Club with over 400 people in attendance. Afterward, a reporter for the Houston Post newspaper approached and told him that his granddaughter was profoundly deaf with spinal meningitis. He asked if she might be able to hear with his device. Patrick didn't have the answer, but he invited him to bring his granddaughter to his house - and so he did.

While the electrodes were on her head, she heard very clearly with it. She became very excited and started bouncing to the rhythms of the music.

The reporter was so impressed that he wrote an article about it and put it on the Associated Press wire service. The next day, Patrick was on the front page of over 300 major newspapers throughout the United States.

As a result, all kinds of offers began pouring in. He received over a million letters. He and his mother did the best they could in handling the correspondence. Pretty overwhelming for a thirteen year old!

Shortly afterward, LIFE Magazine interviewed him and published a special edition featuring his work. He then received invitations to be a featured guest on numerous television and radio shows to demonstrate his device.

Being a child prodigy and a genius wasn't the only thing unusual about Patrick. Since his school didn't have a gymnastics program, he became self-trained, and ended up wining the gymnastic championship of the southern United States by being able to perform an astounding feat with his body that no one else could do. A physiologist figured out that it took about 10,000 pounds of force to lift himself off the ground in the way that he did.

While still in his teens, he was offered the Gold Plate Award for the Neurophone, which was quite a prestigious honor back then. At the awards banquet, Patrick found myself among very powerful people, one of whom was Admiral Red Rayburn, who at the time was director in charge of the CIA. It was at this time that Rayburn and Patrick began their friendship.

Rayburn soon offered Patrick a college scholarship to any university in the world, in addition to a thirty-thousand dollar per year allowance, with the stipulation that upon graduating, Patrick would come to work for the CIA for five years. That was too much to conceive of for a teenager back then, so he turned down the offer - of which he is now glad that he did.

When Patrick tried to patent the Neurophone, the patent office would not grant the patent because they didn't believe it could work. Normally, patents come out in about two years after being filed. It took about nine years before they would grant the patent because they said there was no prior state of the art on this kind of thing. (How could there be a prior state of the art? Isn't an invention a new design? Hmmmmmm......)

So they closed the files and refused to give him a patent. By then, Patrick was in his early twenties. He and his patent lawyer flew to the patent office with the model of the device. The examiner who had closed the file wanted to test it, so he brought in a patent office employee - a man who had been deaf for 15 years. The examiner said that if this man can hear with the Neurophone, he would grant the patent.

The deaf man loved opera, so once they placed the electrodes on his head, they played a recording of one of the world’s greatest opera singers. The man heard with it and he cried. The patent examiner began crying, and then they all cried.

They reopened the files, which has never been done - before or since - in the history of the patent office, and finally issued his patent for the Neurophone.

Day of the Dolphin

Patrick then joined forces with Dr. Wayne Bateau, who was doing US Navy research on dolphin communication. Their research company was called Listening Incorporated. They contracted with a secret facility at China Lake proving grounds in California and the testing area was set up in a lagoon off one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Since dolphins can't vocalize, Patrick and Wayne built an electronic device that translated human speech into complex ultra-sonic dolphin whistles. When the dolphins duplicated these whistles it would be translated back into human speech. Over a period of time, they developed a 30-word vocabulary with the dolphins.

Every ship building company in the world has their own special steel formula: the Russians have theirs, the Germans, the Japanese, and so forth. Because of the dolphin’s extraordinary abilities with sound, Patrick and Wayne successfully trained dolphins to recognize the different metallic alloys of ships and submarines using their sonar. The dolphins were then used to patrol the harbor at Viet Nam. The dolphins used their sonar to ping any ship that came in and would then hit a special board constructed by the research team. This told them where the ship came from. This of course, meant that the training and interactions with the dolphins had military applications.

Interactions with the dolphins were developing further when Wayne Bateau - who was younger than Patrick at the time - died of a heart-attack. He drowned while swimming in only three feet of water. There is still doubt as to whether it really was an accident, for apparently, their research and training with the dolphins was quite threatening to certain military powers.

After Wayne died, Patrick and those who were still working on the project wanted to continue, but the government cancelled it. They took all of their research files and locked them under secrecy for 50 years.

Much of that research has never been published since it's still a government secret. However, in the movie, Day of the Dolphin, the idea for the story was actually taken from Patrick's and Wayne's research. Patrick remarked that in the movie it is mistakenly portrayed that dolphins wore explosives and purposely killed themselves by ramming into ships. That has never happened because it takes millions of dollars to train a dolphin in the first place.

Now, we enter into an area of Patrick's life where his research and discoveries become particularly valuable to all of us, especially in the field of health and longevity. This is so cool.

The Fountain of Youth

Patrick meets Dr. Coanda at Stanford University in Connecticut while he was still young. Dr. Coanda, an amazing man himself, is written about in Encyclopedia Britannica as the man who built the first jet airplane in 1911. He is also known as the father of fluid dynamics with over 500 patents on fluid amplifiers.

Coanda was in remarkable health and lived to be one-hundred and one. At his 80th birthday party, Patrick meets him for the first time and from then on they become friends. Dr. Coanda takes Patrick under his wing and shares with him important research and discoveries.

He tells Patrick that the legend of the Fountain of Youth is true and that there is scientific fact to back it up. There are five places on earth where people are in extremely good health and live to be over 100 years old: a place in Hunza land, a place in Ecuador, another place in Peru, the county of Georgia in Russia, and a place in Mongolia. Although, the diets are healthy, the kinds of foods they eat are all different. Yet, the one thing they all have in common is the water.

Most of us learn in school that water is the same everywhere in the world: it freezes at zero degrees Celsius, boils at 100 degrees Celsius, and has a certain viscosity and surface tension. However, those are the average qualities of water.

Dr. Coanda said that water is different everywhere in the world. He could analyze water and predict the average life span of the people who lived in that area; just from the water they drank.

When he went to Hunza land at the turn of the century, he had to hike three months through jungles, climb mountain peaks, and cross rope bridges in order to get there. He found that the water came from glaciers that are millions of years old.

There were certain characteristics of Hunza water he tried his whole life to duplicate and never succeeded. He said, “You, Patrick, will invent a machine which will create this kind of water anywhere in the world. You will save many, many lives.” He then turned the research over to Patrick who continued with it for many years.

So what is it about the water from Hunza land that makes it so special? Is it the mineral content? Dr. Coanda had no idea what it was. He thought that it could have been the cold temperatures or the altitude. Hunza land is a valley at 8000 feet elevation surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in the world. These mountains have ice blue glaciers and this is where the water comes from.

The Secret of Health and Longevity

The Hunza people claimed that their secret of health and longevity came from drinking the glacier waters filled with all these silt minerals. They did have one well in the area with clear water but none of the residents would drink from it. They saved that water for the tourists.

So, Patrick started his own research into water. He discovered that when putting rubies, quartz crystals, and other gem stones in water and letting it sit overnight that it changed the structure of the water and lowered the surface tension.

What is surface tension? According to Patrick, it has to do with the webbing angel of water. If you put a drop of water on a piece of paraffin and look at it from the side, that drop of water will form a nearly perfect sphere because it cannot penetrate the paraffin. But if you put a drop of water on quartz crystal it penetrates it 100% and the drop goes flat.

It is well known in food science that every food and substance has a certain webbing angle of water. If it is above a certain angle it cannot wet the food. As an example, it’s difficult to mash potatoes with cold water as they will only clump up. Boiling the water causes the surface tension to go way down, which makes it much easier to mash the potatoes.

Ordinary water has a high surface tension and Hunza water has a lower surface tension, different viscosity, and a slightly different freezing and boiling point. Simply put, this means that Hunza water is wetter and therefore, it penetrates more easily.

So why is this important for the human body? The cells in our body have to be fully wetted with water in order to exchange nutrients: first of all, to get rid of toxins generated by their own metabolism and secondly, to absorb nutrients. If the cells are not wetted the nutrients cannot penetrate the surface of the cell. Since the cells are covered with protein lipid membranes, which are fatty acids, and since oil and water do not mix, its important that the surface tension of water be low enough to allow penetration.

Further more, Patrick found that the minerals in Hunza water are colloidal. What exactly does "colloidal" mean? Colloidal means that it is suspended but not dissolved. A cloud, by the way, is a colloidal suspension of water droplets. In that case the suspension medium is air and water. When the suspension medium is water, the minerals must be small enough and carry a strong enough electrical charge so that they don't coagulate and repel each other.

Basically, colloidal minerals are more bio-available. In fact, it’s what the body needs and uses since it has to work really hard to separate the minerals. For example, if you take magnesium chloride in order to get the magnesium, your body has to separate the chloride from the magnesium before it can use the magnesium.

Colloid minerals also have a negative electrical charge, which is very important. The higher the negative charge the more they will suspend in water without dropping out. So they have to be tiny and have a strong charge.

Consequently, Patrick realized that the secret of Hunza water was in the tiny colloidal minerals. After analysis, he found that these minerals were mostly silica - the same kind of silica that is found in quartz crystals. Silica is an essential mineral for the human body that helps to produce collagen, the matrix that holds our skin together.

Quartz crystal is silica in a crystal form and is different from amorphous silica which is totally non-crystalline. There are actually stages in between these states that no one knew about until recently. The same holds true for carbon: there is soft amorphous carbon and then there are diamonds.

Overall, Patrick had worked for nearly 30 years trying to figure out how to make Hunza water. Along the way, he had become famous for Pyramid Power, and was a featured speaker all over the world, with television specials and a movie made about him, called Outer Space Connections.

Revolutionary Discoveries

In due course, he and his wife went through a hermit stage and withdrew from the public eye. They moved to Sedona, Arizona and bought a house on forty acres of land completely surrounded by trees which was 15 miles up a dirt road with no name. It was there that they isolated themselves for 14 years. It was during those years in isolation, along with practicing specific spiritual disciplines, that Patrick made some of his most revolutionary discoveries.

Crystal Energy was his first concentrated colloidal solution which when added to water, restructures it. He and his wife went on a six-month fast on water and juices supplemented with Crystal Energy. By the end of the fast, he had lost 45 pounds and his wife lost about 25 pounds. Friends were astounded and amazed at how much younger they looked - like teenagers.

I have to comment here that Patrick does, indeed, look very healthy and far younger than his age of 58. He is certain that his youthful appearance is from using his technology and from the water he later developed using micro-clusters silica which he calls Silica-Hydride.

In subsequent research, Patrick and his research team took hundreds of people off the streets to do dark field microscope studies of their blood. It was found that most people’s blood looked like sewers: the cells were all clumped together with free-radical damage, and sometimes, little parasites were seen swimming around.

After taking the silica-hydride product, their blood cells would become beautiful and discreet again, the parasites would disappear and all the damage from free-radicals would be gone - all within 15 minutes of taking only two capsules. Amazing!

Clinical research has found that most people are dehydrated much of the time, although, no one knows why our sense of thirst seems to disappear as we get older. When we’re babies, we know immediately when we need water and we cry for it. And yet, as we get older, we can become severely dehydrated and not even know it. It’s a condition in modern people that eventually leads to plaque on arteries, heart attacks and nutritional deficiencies caused from a build up of toxins that the body cannot eliminate.

To make matters worse, the surface tension of the bodily fluids goes up as we age and no one knows why. Dehydration is one of the major indicators of the aging process. On top of that, in today’s world, various factors like electro-magnetic pollution, unhealthy diets, and in particular, poor water, destroys the electrical charge of blood cells.

Studies show that Silica Hydride is the greatest hydrating agent ever discovered. In Patrick's research studies, people were given Silica Hydride and in four weeks the average person on the study reversed age - as far as hydration is concerned - by five years.

So why is it that we have to re-structure water in this fashion? It doesn't seem natural. There must have been a time when healthier, life-giving water was more available on the earth. Patrick agrees and remarks that there are many theories about that.

The Firmament

The Bible it tells of a time when people lived to be hundreds of years old and some biblical scholars say that there was a constant light everywhere - everything was lit up. There are scientists who believe that the earth was once surrounded by ice crystals high up in the stratosphere. The ice crystals refracted sunlight and blocked cosmic rays which are damaging to our DNA. Cosmic rays are passing through us all the time now.

“The firmament” that is mentioned in the Book of Genesis alludes to this hypothesis of an atmosphere made of water.

Patrick says that the Great Flood of Noah’s time - which is recorded in many ancient texts throughout the world - was caused by the ice crystals coagulating, as colloids tend to do. And so it rained for forty days and forty nights which flooded the entire earth. Prior to the flood, it may have rained occasionally from the firmament making healthy water much more available in those days.

There are theories, too, that say humans once ate only the flowers, leaves and fruits, and that something of a catastrophic nature happened which destroyed nearly all living things. The surviving humans became nomadic since much of the earth was then uninhabitable with less available food. This is when humans began to eat the animals.

Patrick agrees with the theories that humans did not eat meat prior to the Great Flood, which is another reason for why human’s had longer life spans. In certain areas above and below the equator where our ancestors originally came from, they lived in jungles where they simply reached out and picked their food. Since their food was so abundant, they played for the most part and didn't have to work for it.

When earth’s climate began to change and the rain forests started drying up, fruit became less available. So, humans began scavenging for food outside the forests. Not only that, the earth’s axis was once straight up and down, which caused spring to pervade all year long all over the planet.

Recent Discoveries

There is more exciting research brewing in Patrick's laboratory and he noticeably brightens as he talks about his latest discovery of yet another component of Hunza water that he didn't know about.

He found that it had hydride ions which are hydrogen atoms with a negative charge plus an extra electron. A hydrogen atom normally has only one proton and one electron, but it can actually take on and carry an extra electron. That extra electron can actually neutralize free radicals and participate in all the thousands of chemical reactions in the body that requires extra electrons.

By using a laser and other techniques, Patrick discovered that these hydride ions (H-minus ions) are in Hunza water and also in the juices of all fresh raw, living fruits and vegetables. He stated emphatically that we should all eat raw food - period - and no cooked food.

"Hurrah!" I exclaimed, and threw up my arms, startling Patrick just a bit. Being a health educator for several years, I was thrilled to hear him say this. I have emphatically encouraged others to eat raw, living foods as much as possible for greater health.

When food is processed, dried or cooked, the first thing that leaves the food are these important H-minus ions. The enzymes are destroyed, too, because the enzymes can't function without them. That’s why the enzymes stop functioning and die from heating. Patrick think it’s the most important nutrient. Unfortunately, it’s also the one that disappears the fastest. Most people are very deficient in it. Patrick and I both know many people who were dying of cancer who went on a raw food, raw juice only diet and cured themselves because they were giving their body all the right nutrients. Freshly made raw juices are the most abundant in these extra electrons.

When Patrick discovered the H-minus ion and figured out a way to impregnate water with them, he started drinking it. It gave him a lot of energy and he felt good, too. He eventually developed a very stable form of micro-clustered water with H-minus ions.

Those who took his special water reported miracles. One woman reported restoration of her nerve-damaged arm after she had no feeling in it for 15 years. Diabetics have reported the return of feelings in their legs after having lost it for 20 years.

The remarkable thing about al of this is that it has been such a win-win situation. Patrick's discoveries have done great things for so many people.

What a guy. I carefully asked, "Have you ever felt that you're really from elsewhere?"

Patrick paused thoughtfully, looked at me intensely, then nodded in silence with a hint of a cosmic twinkle in his eye.

©by Paula Peterson 2003
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* * Dr. Patrick Flanagan, M.D., PhD., possesses unique scientific abilities and insights. For decades he has reorganized key concepts from a variety of applied sciences to solve unsolvable problems. He is the ultimate futurist with deep encyclopedic knowledge of the applied sciences. His first book in 1973 on the scientific method applied to sacred geometry, “Pyramid Power” sold more than 1.5 million copies in hardbound.

A prolific inventor, Dr. Flanagan is credited with over 300 inventions and was named 1997 Scientist of the Year by the International Association for New Science. He also holds a patent pending on his process of manufacturing a delivery system for the most powerful antioxidant known to man, Mega-Hydrate. Dr. Flanagan holds advanced degrees in nanotechnology, chemistry, bio-sciences and medicine. He currently lives in Arizona with his wife Stephanie.


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