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DR. WALTER AND LAO RUSSELL - The Secret of Light


"In the Wave Lies the Secret of Creation."

“Has science unwittingly helped to degrade the entire human race by multiplying the art of war to multiply man’s greed for empires by multiplied power to kill? Have these dreadful contributions of science to war not so thoroughly outweighed its contributions to peace that it might not have been better if the bow-and-arrow days were still here? What is the responsibility of science in this respect? And can science reverse the results which have grown out of its explosives made to kill men, and save the race by reversing man’s thinking? I think it can—and that is why both my wife, Lao, and I have so indefatigably been working to give this new knowledge to science now, when the world is threatened with destruction.”
~Dr. Walter Russell – A New Concept of the Universe

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2012 - The Conscious Choice

by matt presti
Here we are fast approaching the most mysterious point of existence perhaps our humanity has ever known.  No matter what happens, no matter what has been predicted, and no matter what we all feel personally about this period of time, we must ever remember, that the “old way” of life (war, greed, killing, taking, voluntary slavery) must come to an end if we are to “make” anything of a new world for ourselves.  New thought must preSEED new form. 
More than anything, this time is a chance; a chance for real change upon this planet, within this human race.  No changes of human behavior have ever come without agitation.  The desire must be kindled as it has been over the last 50 years or better.  The desire must initiate action as it has over the last 50 years and more.  We have seen the rise of human consciousness with intent to “make” changes a part of our daily affairs.  Our dealings with other men must have balance in them.  Our interchanges with each other must be equal in the knowing that we promote the balance of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood upon Spaceship Earth and stop creating “violence” through beliefs. 
The Mayan calendar, the warnings of prophets and visions of tribal elders from antiquity foresaw great upheaval in man's world at this time.  The breaking of control systems before our eyes, and the ever mantric threat of new forms of human behavioral control by “the powers that were” through more and more disgusting displays of imbalance that only become more odious and hideous with every law passed beckons for our participation in throwing off the chains of our voluntary slavery and at last standing together as one race of Humanity; rising up and declaring with one single voice “WE ARE NO LONGER GOING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS BARBARIC SYSTEM!”
We have jointly re-declared our right to sovereignty over ourselves and recognize no other authorities as valid entities in our collective eyes.  The Creator gives man this inalienable right to declare his intent through the mutual desire to “LIVE FREE” Universally.  Those who do not head our call be warned.  You stand in the way of the intent and desire of the Creator, and of His Creation whom fully intend to manifest our Creator with purpose in this world.  Millions of years of progression toward this purpose cannot be stopped by anyone.  It is suicidal folly to attempt to stop this natural progression.   You will only hurt yourself if you resist mankind's destiny.  Nothing can stop our right and desire to LIVE FREE!  IF YOU REFUSE TO CHANGE THEN GET OUT OF OUR WAY!
In these last days of the 5th sun, no matter what happens, no matter whose predictions come to pass or do not, no matter what we believe or do, one thing is clear from here on out.  WE CONSCIOUSLY CREATE OUR WORLD TOGETHER WITH INTENT.  ALL MEN ARE EXTENSIONS OF THE ONE CREATOR AND THEREFOR ARE EXTENSIONS OF EACH OTHER.  WHAT YOU DO TO ANOTHER YOU DO TO YOURSELF.  WE HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE THE WORLD WE DESIRE.  WE MUST STAND FOR WHAT WE MAKE—FOR WE MAKE IT IN OUR OWN IMAGE.  MAKE IT GOOD.
Babylon - The SOL Project -

The Myth of Old Age – Why You Cannot Die - Part 1

by matt presti
In every man’s life, there is no escape from aging.  All bodies in motion as Russell beautifully conveyed, preponderantly charge for one half of their life cycle and preponderantly discharge for the last half of their life cycle.  Man has always been terrified of death and masks that fact by foolishly attempting to cover up what should be expressed freely.  You could go as far to say, that coloring your hair, beard, electing for plastic surgery and masking the very natural course of a human body is a form of schizophrenia if you consider the anti-aging industry and the sheer amount of money made by the fear of old age.  In the allopathic fields of mainstream pharmacological medicine, the natural process of aging has been deemed “unnatural” and is ever so quick to offer their many chemicals to interrupt, alter and so deny the natural aging process.  A whole industry has grown up around man’s fear of death and capitalizes on man’s vanity. 
In my personal life, I was able to convince my beautiful woman and partner to let her hair alone (not an easy task).  Since however, she has expressed the thankfulness of being able to “be herself” and has let her hair naturally express the beauty of change and age.  She is free from having to conform to the social psychopathy of body sensed expectations and demands which dominate our culture.  Women and men alike, eventually develop grey as an expression of the unfoldment of their Divine beauty made flesh.  Grey/white is and has always been a sign of wisdom.  i fully intend to let the grey come in and hope one day to have a head of white hair if I am lucky.  If Gandalf had colored his hair in the Lord of the Rings, would he have been as believable or just a silly character trying to stay young?  Could you imagine the planet Saturn getting a facelift to remove her rings?  Is not Saturn best known for her rings?  When I see older women going about with an obvious covering up of their naturally beautiful hair it strikes me as silly.  If you are a man and desire the young woman instead of the beauty of your wife in her age and unfoldment, you are missing out on the beauty of the process of discharge and living for your body senses alone.  i term that “body dwelling”.  It is a form of self-imprisonment, and is really very childish and selfish.  Clinging to life and youth from fear will only produce an end result of fear.  Like begets like and attracts it.  It is high time we allow ourselves to be what we are.  Fighting against old age divides you from yourself.   The lines upon one’s face define the character of one’s life and experiences.  The reason Walter Russell quit painting portraits of children, for which he was famously known, was because he found them to be to easy to paint and they began to bore him.  He desired rather to paint older people—due to the lines of life written on their faces and the developed and expressed character that shows in the age of a human being. 
Aging should be honored and respected, yet culture tells us to hide it, to fear it, and to be ashamed of it.  We should praise the wisdom of our elders, instead we house them in homes and put them away as if they are great burdens to our youthful lives.  In medieval Europe, it was customary to cart by horse, the elder who was expressing senility, sickness or the effects of old age to the edge of town and “drop” them off to die.  This is the western man’s way of dealing with the old—to throw it away.  
On a positive note, there are many more people opening their hearts to the wisdom of our elders, as can be evidenced in the mass of information coming from these elders who are speaking all over the earth in the forms of media we thinkers enjoy.  If not for our elders, we would have no knowledge with which to live by.  The elders are the expression of wisdom in flesh.  Russell’s greatest flash came to him at 49 years of age.  He was seasoned by life before the Creator gave to him the words of “The Divine Iliad.”  Rarely does a wise young person come to the masses.  If one should, you can bet they had the support of elders around them who could see a special characteristic in this person that needed developing.  Without our elders and the beauty of wisdom they posses, this human race would have vanished long ago from the earth.  It is time that we put down the myth of old age and embrace the beauty of what growing old really means.  To become truly wise, one must accept the inescapable fact of death, which is simply the regiving of your body back to the Creator who so graciously extended life to you.  We will all rest from action until we unfold again into a new body. There is no death in all the universe of mighty stars and planets; only the illusion of disappearance.  The myth must not be stronger than the reality.  And that reality is—that we cannot die.  We only seem to.  Stay tuned for Part 2.

5 year old - Proof of Reincarnation?

This 5 year old has amazing abilities.  Reincarnation fits as a perfect explanation to the great advancement some children exhibit over others.  To the cosmic illuminate, reincarnation is obvious as a condition of Creation as expressed in Nature.

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Building Bodies: A Lesson in Universal Law

by: matt presti
In order for Universal Mind, which is all that Creation is, to build a body, concentration (the inwinding half of the electric thought wave cycle; action) must focus the energy of desire toward the building of that body.  Nothing would exist in this Universe if the focus of concentration of that idea were not existent backed by desire to unfold it.  Man, like the Creator, must unfold his idea through his desire and concentration to construct a body for that idea.  However, idea does not exist nor will it ever in the electric simulations/reproductions we call bodies.  Idea exists in stillness (thus the saying ideas are bulletproof; of course they are).  Ideas are reproduced from the mind into form but the form is only a reflection of the eternal knowing mind from which that idea sprang.  Idea can be likened to the seed in nature.  Through the seed the idea unfolds a representative body of that which it contains even though as a seed it does not resemble that which it contains.  Within the acorn cannot be found a giant oak tree.  Idea therefore does not exist and cannot exist in its purely conceived form within the temporal universe. 
All concentration of bodily form is balanced by the open space of decentration (the unwinding half of the electric thought wave cycle; rest) that balances and interchanges with the winding half perpetually creating this Universe of illusion.  This is what is referred to as the “see-saw” of the illusory universe of motion.  The God Mind of pure light is the fulcrum upon which all motion extends and returns back to a state of rest in perpetual rhythmic balanced interchanges (cycles) or what is called the universal heartbeat.  These motions constitute our two way motion universe. 
So does it go that the Creator does not exist in our motion matter universe.  The temporal universe is but a projection, a simulation of the still idea of the Creator’s Mind.   It and It alone exists as the fulcrum or the unmovable stillness which all motions move upon yet cannot be known by the senses alone.  Our senses can only perceive motion and effect.  They cannot “know” anything. Only the Mind of man can “know” the Creator.  Only the mind can fathom stillness and silence.
Originality is lacking more these days and true genius is becoming a rare commodity.  Men who copy and remake the ideas of others are not original and therefore could be likened to plagiarists.  Using your art to sell products of this capitalistic system is not being an artist.  It is a form of selling your soul.  The system in which we live is rotting due to the lack of new ideas and the enforced medium of ideas which are imbalanced by greed, secrecy, and the many agendas of Globalist control and domination of the masses by a select few.  Ignorance of Universal Law will be mans undoing.  It always has been.    
In this two way Universe, the Creator’s ideas are the closest expression of perfection one can know.  The starry sky, the earth and sun are ideas mankind cannot possibly recreate due to the amount of mind power that man has yet to express.  No human mind could build such greatness with the least bit of unbalance in it, which proves the law of balance as being the only “law” in this Universe as it is.  Man can barely call himself civilized and yet he thinks he is so advanced.  He cannot even feed and clothe his own human race sufficiently and he continues to kill himself with eagerness and in greater numbers multiplying his arts of war and decreasing his true creative arts which have given all mankind its culture.  He has certainly not learned to share as is evidenced by his greed and inequality of knowing himself in every other self.  Man’s world and civilization will eventually collapse due to the lack of “balance” within it unless he desires otherwise.  “Do as thou willst shall be the whole of the law” and man’s doings shall be his undoing.  This is not the will of the Creator however; it is man’s will over Love which has created the balancing reaction for his imbalanced actions.  Only a race of advanced humans with new ideas and new ways of thinking that are in understanding of the law of “balance” will ever build an enduring civilization which is a balanced body. Due to man’s misunderstanding of building balanced bodies through Love like his Creator does, man’s inventions pollute, destroy, cause pain and suffering, resulting in the elevation of a few at the expense of the many, and is still barbarian in effect.  Until mankind understands the cause of all universal bodies in motion, his bodies will never endure.  Only the genius can build enduring bodies which we call works of art.  Those works of inspiration serve to reinspire others whose senses observe these creations.  And so, inspiration given is regiven accordingly.   To be inspired is to be in-spirit.
The more one can exist within the stillness of mind knowing, the more one can transfer that still idea into a more perfect body.  Life is a journey of becoming.  Being the center is the solution. Center yourself while on this see-saw called life and become the fulcrum of yourself thereby extending the power of the Creator to your every effort.  The closer man can envision the one law of Love, which is balanced giving for balanced regiving, the more orderly and perfect his inventions and world become.  It may take several thousand more years for man to comprehend the one law of “balance” which all bodies must obey before he can build an enduring civilization.  That is his choice.  That is his responsibility.  That is his purpose.  When mankind can manifest his Creator through more perfect ideas centered by love, then he may at last shed the skin of ignorance that keeps rearing its ugly head and destroying his civilizations one after the other (approximately 21 and counting). Mankind must eventually turn toward the Creator instead of away from It.  And this Creator is the representative of ALL MANKIND!  It is not for one race over another, nor is it for one sex to rule the other.  In that wise, we are all created equal.  It is for all whom seek to know It.  It awaits mankind to awaken to this fact.  It has made all power, presence, and knowledge available to the ones who seek It.  Those are the ones we have been waiting for.  Those ones are us.       

True God Worship

by: matt presti

It’s been said, that the term God is offensive. Well, I say mass man’s interpretation of God is offensive.  To deny the Creator, which all Cosmic Illuminates know intimately, is like denying the Sun in the sky.  What you’re denying is Love and the underlying oneness of all Creation, the nature of the Creator which is all that He is.   In this divided Universe of Light, God appears in sexed opposites that we call male and female; but in the reality of stillness and cause, God is undivided and sexless.  That means what we should worship and pray to, is neither male nor female, but the complete spectrum of Undivided light of mind; the radiant blinding white light that people see at death, and when they cross the bridge from consciousness into prosciousness. For indeed, to be illuminated, is to be wholly within the ecstasy of yourself, which is God.  Man will learn some day; it may be a thousand years from now as mass man is still a small child in this Universe. He has not yet learned to share his cookies. His beliefs blind his heart from knowing that just because a man’s skin is a different color, social status or income, it doesn’t mean they are less or more than himself.  We are all, a self; a part of the great "I AM", and that "I am", is in every one of us.  What makes some of us unable to share, unable to dream, unable to imagine, and unable to love, is the belief that we are our bodies alone; that we are somehow separate and disconnected from each other. Nothing could be further from the truth in the knowing mind of a cosmic illuminate. For indeed, the cosmic illuminate knows full well, that what he does to another he does to himself; therefore, love is very alive within the cosmic illuminate.  It could not be otherwise. All the great achievements of mankind are owed to the few mystics and geniuses among us.  We owe our greatest advancements to these ones among us, who know God. And we owe it to ourselves, to unfold our awareness in like fashion; that we may save ourselves from our own destruction.  For salvation will not come from beings in the sky.  It will not come from the circuses of political theaters, or corporatized media world views.  It will never come from the 1% who are jailed inside their own bodies.  It must come from ourselves, as an extension of our hearts. This is truth. To do so, we must be love in order to extend love.   You cannot extend what you do not possess inside of yourself.   Learn to love. Watch nature. It will teach you when you’re ready to learn. ~matt presti

You're Being Recorded!

by matt presti
Mind is the substance of this Universe.  Mind is at the heart of all life in this Universe.  Mind of the animal, fish, insect, plant or mineral is instinctual.  Mind of the human, has been freed from the grip of Nature’s control.  With that said, do you not see the great responsibility that mankind faces with all his actions?  Nature, not man, holds the right to all reactions. 
            God creates.  God creates all bodies which are in motion.  God centers all bodies in motion.  Bodies that exhibit a lack of balance find destruction and chaos. Truly, there is no order out of chaos.  There is only chaos when things are out of order or balance. 
All created things are recording through their senses, everything that happens to them and everything they do.  All thoughts are recorded in the Universal Mind as well as all actions.  It does mankind no good to declare his right to secrecy to commit evil acts upon his fellow mankind when the Creator is recording all the thoughts and motions of those engaged in that secrecy.  All the abuses, torture, rapes, murders, thievery, bribes, corruption, scheming and conspiracy are totally and one hundred percent RECORDED.  In this Universe, nothing is secret from the Creator.  Unless men get together and can stop their sight, hearing, smell, taste, sensing and thinking from occurring, it is being recorded by the Creator; and that recording of evil deeds is written as black lines into the soul seeds of those who participate in these despicable acts of evil.  Evil belongs to man alone.  Man created evil, not God.  There is no escaping the recording device of God.  The Creator uses your body, mind, and senses to record all things into the soul seed or what the ancients referred to as “The Akashic Records”.  The inert gases are the so-called “Akashic Substance” which records all deeds upon the seed of one’s soul.  So when you cheat on your husband or wife, it is all recorded.  When you take something that doesn’t belong to you, it is recorded.  When you speak lies from your mouth it is recorded.  When you commit murder, it is recorded.  When you sit in a secret bunker and plan an assassinations or kill by remote control (drones), it is recorded.  When you commit fraud, bribery, conspiracy, treason, torture etc, all of these acts are recorded.  There is no escaping the recording device that is the Universal mind of God.  And why should you care?
            If you knew every action, thought, word, deed, and desire was being recorded, how would that change the way you carry yourself in this world?  What would you allow yourself to be a part of if you knew this in your heart?  How would you proceed from this moment on if you knew that every single act or thought you have is 100% recorded?  And guess what?  The recording is stored in your own soul seed!  The Creator gives to all men, the sum total of their actions to be written upon the soul itself.  Your next incarnation in your many millions of unfoldings will ultimately reflect these recordings into your new body.  Mankind can imitate God, but he can never record all things simultaneously in the entire Universe.  Do you ever wonder why cameras and microphones are popping up all over the place?  Have you ever thought deeply on the fact that like our Creator, we seek to record ourselves to some degree the same way our Creator does?  What makes a man think he is safe in a secret meeting in some underground base plotting evil acts like our famous DELUMINATI?  Do they not know that everything they say and do is recorded onto the seeds of their very souls?  There is no escape from the Great Recorder!  God has endless storage capacity, endless power, endless knowledge and endless presence.  The Creator is everywhere at once.  You cannot think anymore, “oh, I’ll just do this little act of imbalance” and expect to “get away” with it.  In my life, i learned the hard way that there is no getting away with anything.  Eventually, a man will destroy himself to the same extent he sought to destroy another.  People think Bush and Cheney were let off the hook.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The hook will come in the next life if not in this one.  No one escapes the hook of balance or as some call it, karma.  Mankind is tied to it.  His mind would not grow without it.  Balance is the great judge.  God creates perfect balance in this thought wave Universe.  There is naught else but.  Mankind creates imbalance in his actions and calls it evil although nature will right those imbalances.  What man does to another he does to himself.  That is irrevocable, inexorable and inviolate Law.  There is no escaping it.  So to all of you who have tortured, stolen, murdered, bribed, conspired, raped, cheated, plotted, schemed, or otherwise, you have been recorded!  And the recording is on your immortal soul seed forever.  The sooner you repent from your evil imbalanced actions, the sooner you correct the recorded data going onto your soul seed.  Why wait, start today (go and sin no more).  And the best part, it’s free!  ~matt presti

The Power of Mind

by: matt presti
In the beginning, was the word—or so it has been said.  Astrophysics for all its great self acclaimed achievements cannot escape the grasp of religion in this aspect—the need for a “beginning”.  The Big Bang theory proposed by Catholic Jesuit Priest, Georges Lemaitre, stands with its grip as the most widely accepted view of the origin of the Universe, taught in most schools and textbooks the world over.  This as of now little known fact ironically escapes many atheists to this day.  There is no “proof” other than the supposed red shifting of galaxies in a “seeming” moving away from each other.  In years to come, it will be widely known that just as many galaxies are seemingly moving toward each other as they are away from each other.  We may call that inescapable fact, “blue shift”.  It will also one day be widely known that we live in a continuous universe of illusion.  Man is but beginning to “know” the universe in which he lives—thanks to the illuminated ones among us who “know” with their minds instead of “think” with their brains/senses.  There is a little known science that deals with mind.  It is the science of mysticism; the science of Mind itself.
Mind is a peculiar subject.  It is thought to be an object (brain).  And in like fashionable descriptions, may i add, that mind is also a “noject”(neither subject nor object).  The power that mind offers is the ability to bridge the seeming opposites in nature (dualities) with a fathomable relationary mental image, which both unifies and makes still the see-saw of seeming opposite dualities.  One who works on this technique begins to unfold a “triality” of mind, which in alchemical texts could be called the marriage of the hemispheres of the brain, mind and body.  The more complete view of life, the world, the galaxy and the self one has, the more one may understand and think in 3 dimensions as opposed to 2 dimensional thinking which reduces the 3D Universe into 2D linear thoughts, terms and equations, and pervades our social structures today.  Currently, mind is considered to be the brain which is like to saying that the operator of any machine is “the machine”.  To understand this paper, you must “change” you preconceived notions about Mind. 
The oldest books ever written, deal with the seeming duality and man’s place and relationship to it.  It is well known in mystical circles, that Mind is the force of all Creation and the originator of all bodies in material existence.  One could ask, “How could it be otherwise?”  To remove any concepts of mankind from existence would be to remove his bodies of work with them, be it song, painting, poem, fork, car, house, city, or government.  For all things in Creation are first, an idea followed by a body or simulation to “house” that uncreated idea.  When man builds a body for his idea it lives; but not until then.  Like energy, idea is never created nor destroyed.  It lives in a simulation called a body to express in motion that which lies back of that motion; the Mind.  In science, the mind is considered to be local and non-causal.  In mysticism the mind is known as Omnipresent and causal.  The power of mind is the energy which never exists in the temporal universe.  The power of mind is the progenitor of all things temporal, and can only be simulated in word, thought, deed or action.  One who has a greater connection to mind, has a higher potential to be known as a greater man.  One who demonstrates the power of mind is known by others as a “ co-creator.”  This power, which the average man has no knowledge of, could change the face of the earth in a short number of years if taught to young children at schools and in universities.  Currently, there is no science dealing with mind except one; the science of the mystic.
Dr. Russell, unlike many who are falsely called geniuses, actually demonstrated his mind power to the world in all he did—unlike Einstein who is worshipped by the establishment and millions of humans as the greatest genius of the 20th century.  How can this be?  Let us compare the products both these men produced as a measure of their genius to be fair.  Russell produced thousands of paintings, sculpted many works, wrote many songs and compositions, several books, hundreds of advanced charts and drawings, designed several buildings still standing today, mastered figure skating, was a master horseman, lectured and taught for many years across the United States and was called the “most versatile man that ever lived” and “the modern Leonardo da Vinci of the 20thcentury” by Walter Cronkite the day of his refoldment (death).  Einstein invented a few arm chair theories, which have been thoroughly debunked in great detail (relativity, E=MC2) and a concrete refrigerator that did not even use electricity and failed to find appeal by anyone.  Clearly the genius of the two was Einstein, at least according to Time magazine.  (Hopefully you are rolling your eyes at this moment.)
The true genius does not rely on information for his ideas to unfold.  He talks with the Creator in the silences of himself in the language of light, there receiving his visions for the forthcoming body he will eventually unfold and build.  The genius rarely has need of external information in order to produce bodies for his ideas.  Many, many men who self-justifyingly claim to be intelligent are deceiving themselves as to what true power really is (the dot file extension egoic authoritarian man Ph.D).  What matter it one bit if man has no bodies to exemplify his power of mind?  Talk is cheap in this world.  Personally, no man is great who talks and boasts of his knowledge and fails to “demonstrate’ it.  The loudest man is the quiet one who builds bodies proficiently while other boast loudly and yet, for all their repeated and remembered intelligence have absolutely nothing to show for it.  Many are there who talk the talk and fail to walk the walk.  When one encounters such boasting brats, it is good to cut them off immediately and ask them right out “what have you built or created with all your intelligence?”  When they look at you with that dumbfounded stare, you abruptly tell them your late for an appointment and will have to catch up with them at a later date.  However, should a true man of genius be in your midst, you will probably find a strange attraction to him in the effect of noticing something he has made or done first, which draws you curiously toward him to find out what the inspiration you feel from his presence and work is.  This is a fundamental difference between the talker and the walker.  There are those coming out of the academic indoctrination as well however, who have opened the doors of themselves and have a love for art, music, philosophy and the beauty of life and are unfolding toward a deeper inner awareness of Mind.  These are the open minded folks who find inspiration in some part of their own existence and have begun to demonstrate that in small ways.   
That brings us to the process by which genius works.  It works not from text books, not from experiments, not from guess work, nor from arrogance.  It has no need of money (though it helps) and always finds a way to create the ideas of his imaginings.  The genius always finds a way to demonstrate his mind power firstly for his own delight in co-creating, then and sometimes surprisingly so, for the delight of others; for all genius loves to create the imaginings of their mind which brings ecstasy to his life.  This kind of ability is unfortunately unknown to the educational system.  It is not unlike the saying “the point of the journey is not to arrive”; in other words, the ecstasy of co-creating with God is the journey which gives the genius the feeling of ecstasy.  The finished product is not as important as the process.  For when a genius finishes a product of his imagining, he often starts putting the inspiration together for his next creation.  As others in the world are inspired and enjoying the body of work of any genius, the genius himself is back to work for the sake of the journey.  This is the ecstatic state of man made flesh; man and God working together as One.  This is the natural state of man, created in the imagination of his Creator, and extending in like fashion his own imagination upon the world stage in ecstasy.  The most important time to be alone is when you are inspired.  There you commune with the Holy One and work with that Divine Mind as an extension of It.
The cosmic or divine illumination is the rarest of all events that may happen to a person.  Dr. Russell experienced 39 days “in the light” of mind and brought a new seamless science to humanity that Lao Russell would later “balance” with the message of Love.  The failure of the establishment to accept their work is symptomatic of close-mindedness to new knowledge.  But thankfully, all illuminates speak the same language of light.  Only the words vary in difference.  It has been said that Albert Einstein’s greatest desire was to experience “divine illumination”.  That may be the smartest thing he ever said.  As for the rest of us, somewhere inside we all seek that rarest of human happenings.  If the desire be there, then eventually so shall the experience.  Namaste.  ~matt presti

To ask the question defeats the answer...

by: matt presti
What do your senses tell you?  There are many effects of motion which tell us many things about the Universe, but what they do not tell you is what the Universe is.  What is the only question needed to deduce the common theme of something.  Why is the reason what happens.  Who is the name of what.  When is the timing of what.  Where is the location of what.  And how is the way whatdoes it.  So really, the only question one need ask is what is what?  The only way you can answer that is to know what what is.  Knowing is something neither science nor religion has had the luxury of knowing.  Knowing is the omnipresence of mind.  It is far removed from sensing which only informs the brain of effects of motion.  Motion does not tell man of the causes of motion.  Man may know cause, but he cannot sense cause.
In order that man may better comprehend his Universe, he must first upgrade his knowledge of what it is.  This Universe is an Electric Universe.  Mankind has long held onto the sacred laws of Newton, Kepler, Claussius, Coloumb, all of which point to the Universe as being a gravitative one.  Gravity as man comprehends it is not correct.  It is not an inward pulling force as his senses seem to confirm.  Gravity is better defined as (Russell); “a point or shaft that can be located in the invisible Universe where Universal Mind desires to concentrate thought and thought power.  In this sense, gravity and God are One.  Where gravity is, stillness is.  An area of stillness always surrounds gravity shafts.  Gravity and magnetism are one, but each have a different connotation and usage that require two words to differentiate their meanings, such as an armchair and a rocking chair.  Both belong to the ‘zero’ Universe of stillness" (end Russell).  Gravity is not an attractive, inward pulling force as defined by academia.  Thoughts?  ~matt presti

Learning Russellian Science Correctly

The first thing you MUST do is suspend what you think you KNOW about science altogether.  The failure of most individuals to understand this science is proportional to their inability to erase the programmed views of this Universe they learned from academia.  An inability to successfully “clear your mind” of all preconceived notions and theories concerning cosmological origins, atomic & elemental structure, solar dynamics, sensing and other effects of motion only cause a further erosion of truly understanding and knowing the teachings of Dr. Walter Russell and his seamless Cosmology.
A way to envision learning openly is to imagine you are a child around a campfire of a tribal setting.  The Shaman (Russell) is going to tell you a story of how the Universe works from the smallest to the largest part.  It will be a story that he shares over a period of several months to several years.  If you can remain suspended, without judgment, and without preconceptions of what you think you know—as a child naturally does since they have no beliefs implanted already, you will come away with an accurate understanding of the Russellian Science and Cosmology.
            The minute you try to marry what you are studying with any concept taught in academia, you WILL FAIL to understand the science.  We have warned many on and off the net, who mix, rewrite, or twist the science with their own egos/agendas that they are doing a tremendous disservice to the simplicity of the message that Dr. Russell worked a lifetime to deliver to mankind as well as bar themselves from truly understanding the principles.  For instance, here is a list of several examples that demonstrate the differences we are referring to.
Russellian Science                                                         Academic Science
No Big BangBig Bang
No Nuclear AtomNuclear Atom
Gravity is stillnessGravity is an inward pulling force
Magnetism is planes of stillnessMagnetism is a force
No Opposites attractOpposites attract
No Fundamental Quantums of EnergyQuantum everything
Mind is CausalMatter is Causal
Universe is continuous two-wayUniverse is one-way expanding to death 
CreatorNo Creator
Electricity is the sole working force of CreationPositive and negative electricity = 2 forces
No negatively charged particlesNegatively charged particles

As you see from just this short list of differences, can you now understand why we have listed several internet sites to avoid if you want to come away with a correct understanding of Russellian Science?  It is our assertion, that those who correctly understand and explain Russellian science are rare and few.  Those who teach a bastardized version mixed with debunked theories and false concepts are many.  Despite our requests to many of them, not to use Dr. Russell’s name, writings and images with their own work, they stubbornly claim to have an understanding of the work of Dr. Russell all the while marrying it to many academic falsehoods that Russell utterly rejected.  This is called plagiarism and copyright infringement.  And there is NO INTEGRITY or justification in either. To do the service of delivering this message as it stands to the world, we have taken an oath of integrity first and foremost to strictly adhere to the foundational tenants as the Russell’s would have wanted.  We chose “Atomic Suicide” for its accuracy in the scientific principles that Dr. Russell refined in contrast to using “The Universal One” which he felt should be discarded as his refinements later showed conclusively.
Please bear in mind that academic theories are not remotely on par with Divine Illumination. The first is “thinking”  based on the illusions of the senses and memorized theories, the latter on “Knowing” which comes from the Creator’s still light of Omnipresence which centers every heart, atom, galaxy, solar system and spiraling electric motion which give form to the ever changing temporal motions of our Electric Universe.  It is with pure intentions that we remain true to the work of such Illuminates as a respect to their legacy of hard work and that we also point out those who do not.  In the age of the ending ego, we thank you for your understanding.  matt presti and Robert Otey

Atomic Suicide

Written in 1957, Atomic Suicide laid out the case why nuclear fission should never have been used as a world fuel and how man is giving this planet a "fever" by his continued use of fission.  It continues to surprise me that scientists on mainstream media outlets go on and on and on about global warming yet seem ignorantly deaf about the continued threat of nuclear radioactivity and the damage caused by all the atmospheric nuke testing of years past.  There is strontium in the atmosphere 8-12 miles up for which we have not yet received its bill.  i often wonder if that is the reason for all the chemtrail spraying.  Perhaps, the intent is to “latch on” to deadly strontium using aluminum or barium as a mate to pull these deadly radioactive particles back to the earth in an effort to stop the abnormal planetary expansion that is occurring from the atmospheric tests that were conducted which then would require aluminum/strontium/barium resistant seeds (Monsanto) in order to continue to grow food on the planet surface.  Thanks Edward Teller (Dr. Strangelove).  It is estimated that over 2000 nuclear bombs have been detonated since testing began which means WE HAVE ALREADY NUKED OURSELVES!  Physicians for Social Responsibility ( ) showed that increases in cancer rates and nuclear testing went hand in hand in the late 60’s.  It is not lightly that i state the following charge: “Nuclear fission & testing is arguably the STUPIDEST thing mankind has EVER done on this Earth.”  After interviewing Frieda Berryhill (April 4, 2010) on “The Exploration of Consciousness” which you can listen to for free ( right click and save) i sought out to find someone on planet earth who shared my frustrations concerning these grievous idiotic mistakes that man has made all due to FEAR and GREED.  That is when i came across Robert Otey and and we did the first interview ( right click and save) that would eventually lead to the series of Units on Russellian Science and Philosophy.  He understood as i did, the moronic foolishness of our current scientific authorities and their negligent abuse of exploding fuels for world power use and was not afraid to say so.  (See “The Gospel According to Science - ).  To top it all off, i had a vision in November 2010 of a line of thousands of Japanese men carrying buckets of sea water and dumping them into a pit by the ocean.  As every bucket was dumped it just evaporated into steam and did nothing to stop an invisible fire that could not be quenched.  3 Months later – FUKUSHIMA.  Needless to say, i immediately contacted Robert and we agreed there was a dire need to present a new science to mankind immediately; one based on Nature and Natural Law; one that is verifiable in all of Nature’s motions; one that is seamless and much easier to understand than debunked and failed academic guesses and the ego worshiping entitlements that go with them; one that taught the construction and deconstruction of matter correctly; one that values others before themselves and the life of my own children as much as theirs; one that puts the Creator back into Creation.  That would be the Science of Dr. Walter & Lao Russell.  The book we would use; “Atomic Suicide”. The rest as they say, is history.  Hopefully, the import of this effort will not have been in vain.  As Chernobyl and Fukushima still quietly burn, i humbly carry on, matt presti

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