sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

AGUA: EL gran misterio

El documental “Agua – El gran misterio” viaja a través de varios países para revelar los recientes descubrimientos acerca del agua, la sustancia más asombrosa pero menos estudiada del mundo. Investigadores y científicos, filósofos y teólogos intentan comprender este líquido y todas sus propiedades milagrosas aún por descubrir.

In 1881, winter, the ship “Lara” set sail from Liverpool to San Francisco, caught fire.
They were on lifeboat weeks without water. They only drank the imagined fresh water scooped from the sea. And it indeed tasted fresh. So they survived.
There had been experiments done. Water samples were being blessed or cursed, then freezed, the chemicals H2O remained the same, but the structures under the microscope were totally different, revealing the difference of a blessed well-formed crystalline, and a cursed distorted ugly structure. (“Water-The Movie” from voiceentertainment.net)
Water, also contains the atom H, the powerful element, can be made into devastating bomb, the hydrogen bomb.
Water, abundant in our brain, you figure how it can become, and how it can change according to thinking alone !
I haven’t done the water experiment, but my personal experiences validate the claim of the invisible moving power of mind.
Human, is considered weak, and have to follow the master, “God”, the magnificent being.
For the atheist, his parents or models he adores would become his magnificent.
What if none can be magnificent for him, and not even himself ? Numbness or death will be impending.
If water’s structure can be imprinted and altered, how about in one’s own mind ?

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