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From Dagon to The Dragon
The “Spirit” behind Christianity
The word “dragon” comes from the word “Dagon” one of, if not the, oldest pagan gods dating back to Nimrod.
Dagon is where the word dragon came from. When a nation conquered another nation, they would take their gods and incorporate them into their existing belief system. For example, Simeramus (queen of Babylon) became Isis, who became Ishtar/Easter, who became Venus, who became Aphrodite, and finally a Roman pagan version called Mary. In the same way Nimrod (King of Babylon) became Dagon became Neptune, then Posiedon, and then Zeus, and finally a Roman pagan version named Hesus (later Jesus) who is actually Satan. The reason Neptune carried the trident, is the same reason you see Satan with the pitch fork. The trident was the article from the Jewish Tabernacle for turning the sacrifice.
The Taneem (great sea monster Genesis 1:21) was created on the 5th day when God created the fishes and the birds.
The association to the goat is also in scripture as well as in satanic worship. The goat fish Capricorn was also a direct association to Satan as well as the Hydra, the Septa (the sea Monster), and the serpent.
As I demonstrated in the second book in this series “The Mystery Religion of Babylon” Nimrod was the first antichrist ruling over the first attempt at a world government.  Beginning with Nimrod in Babylon, mankind began to worship leviathan they called Dagon later known as The Dragon:
  • Job.41:1 Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?
  • Job.41:5 In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon (or Taneem in Hebrew) that is in the sea.
  • Job.41:7 Canst thou fill his skin with barbed irons? or his head with fish spears?
This “Dragon in the Sea or DAGON the Fish God” called leviathan in scripture was worshipped by those in ancient Babylon and associated with Nimrod the first High Priest of Dagon.  Worship of Dagon spread after YHVH confused the languages and scattered humanity across the globe.  It was this religion that was prevalent and continued at the time Rome destroyed Jerusalem.  It was this religion of Dagon that permeated the high priestly ranks of paganism and was the foundation of The Catholic Church which even today continues to wear the priestly garments of Dagon:
The etymology of the name “Satan” is directly connected to Leviathan. Sa-TAN and Levia-TAN both are derived from the word Taneem (sea creature) which is plural.  The singular of Taneem is TAN.  Sa-TAN and Levia-TAN are simply later versions of the Taneem god Dagon later known as The Dragon
It is Dagon the Dragon that is the spiritual source behind the Catholic/Christian Churches based in Rome (any Sunday/Christmas/Easter/Trinity/Jesus church).  The Pope and priesthood of the Catholic Church is the high priest and priests of Dagon the Dragon in disguise (not a very good disguise actually):
The Priests of Dagon even to this day wear the “fish hat” and dictate Christian theology world-wide including Protestant Theology from the City of Rome.  Every fundamental doctrine of the Christian Church such as Sunday worship, Christmas, Easter, The Trinity, abolishment of The Law, pagan holidays, etc. were all Papal Edicts not found in scripture. 
Rome is actually called “Babylon” in The Bible because it embodied the same Mystery Religion of Babylon. 
1 Peter 5
The church that is at Babylon (speaking of the church in Rome), elected together with you, saluteth you; and so doth Marcus my son
Once we fully understand what “Christianity” actually is, what it is based on, and where it came from, only then we can begin to understand why Christianity abolished the Law of YHVH, abolished His Sabbath Day, and changed the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb to the Easter Pig.  Every one of the above moves (not commanded by YHVH) were made by the Pope of Rome… The High Priest of Dagon… The Dragon.
The priests of Dagon were known by their “Mitre Hat” which resembled an open mouth of a fish (the sea serpent or sa-TAN).  The same exact hat wore even today by The Pope as well as Cardinals and Bishops.  All “priests of Dagon (sa-TAN)” and the religion that surrounds them, even to this day, is identical to that born in Babylon.
As the pagan religion of Babylon was forced upon humanity by the Roman Emperor Constantine, the pagan aspects of worshipping Dagon, the fish god, was toned down as to not offend other religions as each pagan religion was literally assimilated into The Universal Church of Rome.  I cover this in great detail in my second book  “The Mystery Religion of Babylon
Not only are the Ancient Priests of Dagon (Fish Worship) found wearing the mitre hat, but also the Pope and Bishops of Rome are frequently found wearing this mitre hat.  This “clergy” system forms a pagan priest class NOT defined in The Word of YHVH but rather clearly defined in Ancient Babylon.  And it is from this false class of “priests” we get every doctrine of the Christian Church and the foundation of Christianity "The Nicean Creed".

The High Priest of The Dragon – The Pope of Rome

DAGON or OANNES - "He would go back into the sea to spend the night, because he was amphibious. He had the head of a man; covered by the head of a fish, and had the legs and feet of a man and the torso of a man, but was covered by the scales and tail of a fish. "
-Berossus; from ancient fragments
(Isaac Preston Cory)
Christianity (or shall I say Satan behind it) has done a very masterful job at concealing its true identity.  However, that mask is coming off as knowledge increases at exponential rates (mainly due to the internet).  We are no longer bound by the mental chains of the Christian Church who has made it a top priority to keep the masses in total ignorance.  We can now actually research its origins and test the historical accuracy of its claims.  Many over the centuries have questioned its rituals and practices simply because they cannot be found in the Bible.  But now, we can fully unmask this false religion and expose it for what it is… paganism dating back to Babylon.

"The great apostate church of the Gospel Age,  true to its Babylonish origin, has actually adopted this fish god in its ritual; for the pope on certain occasions manifests by his head gear that he is the direct representative of Dagon. As it was an indispensable rule in all idolatrous religions that the high priest should wear the insignia of the god that he worshipped, so the sculptures discovered by Layard show that the priests of Dagon were arrayed in clothing resembling fish. This is probably the "strange apparel" referred to in Zeph. 1:8. Berosus tells us that in the image of Dagon the head of the man appeared under the head of the fish, while Layard points out that in the case of the priests "the head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed."                        (Babylon and Nineveh, p. 343)

The Dagon priests in Babylon wore hats that represented the open mouth of the fish, as if it were placed upon their heads - and the fish's body was seen extending from that head and mouth, down the priest's back to form a “robe”.  These exact priestly garments adorn the ranks of the Christian Clergy.

"The two-horned mitre, which the Pope wears, when he sits on the high altar at Rome and receives the adoration of the Cardinals, is the very mitre worn by the priests of Dagon, the fish-god of the Philistines and Babylonians."
-        The Two Babylons ; Alexander Hislop; p. 215

Not only does the Pope wear this "Mitre" hat, but so do the Cardinals on certain occasions when they are dressed in their royal regalia… a far cry from the suffering servant Yahshua the Messiah and what he taught.  These “priests” of Dagon today known as The Pope, Cardinals, and Bishops have elevated their station literally to royalty among men as they teach "truth in unrighteousness" and lead the masses astray.
There is nothing in The Word of YHVH or the historical record indicating that The Messiah Yahshua ever wore such a hat or created such a priestly High Class of royalty.  The dress and the Royal Class of Priests called "Father" is nothing more than the Priestly Class of Dagon in bad disguise.
"...there are strong evidences that Dagon was Nimrod.... All scholars agree that the name and worship of Dagon were imported from Babylonia."
- The Two Babylons, Hislop, p. 215
"In their veneration and worship of Dagon, the high priest of paganism would actually put on a garment that had been created from a huge fish! The head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the old man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed."
-        Babylon and Nineveh, Austen Henry Layard, p. 343
"The most prominent form of worship in Babylon was dedicated to Dagon, later known as Ichthys, or the fish. In Chaldean times, the head of the church was the representative of Dagon, he was considered to be infallible, and was addressed as ‘Your Holiness’. Nations subdued by Babylon had to kiss the ring and slipper of the Babylonian god-king. The same powers and the same titles are claimed to this day by the Dalai Lama of Buddhism, and the Pope. Moreover, the vestments of paganism, the fish mitre and robes of the priests of Dagon are worn by the Catholic bishops, cardinals and popes."
-The Wine of Babylon; Pg 9
ICHTYS  Symbol of “The FiSh”
Dagon (fish worship of sa-TAN the sea serpent) is the source of the Christian symbol of the fish.  Actually it can be traced back to both fish worship of Dagon and the Zodiac Sign of Pisces.  We are “told” it is because some of the disciples were “fisherman” or that Yahshua would make us “fishers of men” among other excuses.  The truth is that it is nowhere defined in Scripture but yet… the real source of the Christian fish symbol is that of Dagon fish worship.  Just like the Mitre Hat.
"According to Egyptian mythology, when the judges found Osiris [Nimrod] guilty of corrupting the religion of Adam and cut up his body, they threw the parts into the Nile. It was said that a fish ate one of these chunks and became transformed. Later, Isis [Semiramis] was fishing along the river bank when she fished up a half-man, half-fish. This sea creature was Dagon, the reincarnated Nimrod.  And Dagon is the representation of Nimrod (of ancient Babylon) resurrecting out of the ocean depths as a half-man, half-fish."
Smith’s Bible Dictionary Dagon Fish Worship
- from “Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism”
“Dagon is the diminutive of dag, and signifies… fish… The Babylonians believed that a being, part man and part fish, emerged from the Erythraean Sea, and appeared in Babylonia in the early days of its history… Representations of this fish-god have been found among the sculptures of Nineveh. The Philistine Dagon was of a similar character.”
-        Manners and Customs of the Bible;
by James Freeman
This also explains the symbol for Christianity, the fish – the “Ichthys” which is Dagon:
Definition – “Ichthyic” – “of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fishes; the fish world in all its orders.”
-        Oxford English Dictionary (C. E.)
The worship of Dagon also affected people’s eating habits. Now the mystery of why the Catholics abstain from eating fish on all days except Fridays comes into focus.  This restriction of eating fish is not found in Scripture.  Whether they realize it or not, they are practicing the ancient pagan rite of worshipping Dagon.  The Catholic Encyclopedia even admits such abominations of the “so-called Church”:
“As to the ritual of his worship… we only know from ancient writers that, for religious reasons, most of the Syrian peoples abstained from eating fish, a practice that one is naturally inclined to connect with the worship of a fish-god.”
-        The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913, Encyclopedia Press, Inc
Remember in the Word of YHVH we are forbidden to have any graven images including that of a FISH or a CROSS.  It is commanded to have NO GRAVEN IMAGES at all of any kind period.
With that, let us unravel the mystery that lies behind The False Religion called today “Christianity”.  Who created it, what did they believe, and what is its goal?  We are going to ask the hard questions and in the process contest the most sacred rites and rituals of The Christian Church.

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Interesting how you jump from fish hats to unrelated things like keeping the Sabbath and "abolishing" the law. The laws was not "abolished" by papal edicts, neither was the Sabbath. In fact as Acts states clearly, Jewish believers continued to be zealous for the Law, but this law was only ever given to Israel. Adding/removing scripture, would be something like ripping Acts onward out of the NT and claiming that all Gentiles are to come under the Mosaic law arrangement - something that Jesus never said and certainly something that the apostles rejected.