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Section IV, Part 12 – (B)
Emphasis:  Teotihuacán’s New Jerusalem Diagram
By Doug Krieger
Our introduction to Teotihuacán’s metrologies – her 1.5 mile length by .5 mile width – gave us an immediate recognition that the “City of gods” was originally, by design, the “City of God” – for her distinctly symmetrical measurements clearly reflect those dimensions of Paradise, not the kingdoms of this world.
She is at once distinct but wholly aligned are her measurements to the New Jerusalem, ergo the exquisite Sacred Geometry of the New Jerusalem Diagram or, shall we be so bold to declare:  Teotihuacán’s New Jerusalem Diagram…we shall see?  Her inclusion into the Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon is about to rock the Sacred Geometry Community – but not really; allow the geometry to do the work for you…
Immediately and without hesitation, our conjecture in reference to the domination of the Imperial Mile as the supreme metrological distinction, has turned from an abstract suspicion to a transcendent, yet wholly reasonable conclusion, upon the objects and platform of Teotihuacán, whereby astronomical, calendrical and, most decisively, cosmological metrologies of astonishing accuracies and splendid interpretive values – with dramatic overtones of prophetic import – repeatedly display their sufficiency in declaring the measurements and comparisons to the New Jerusalem – i.e., the Dimensions of Paradise.
We humans have been trampling around for centuries upon this most visited site of antiquity – and like the miner of the Mother Lode who stumbled over an unsuspecting rock on an unobtrusive dirt road running through the mining camp – only to find the world’s largest nugget of incalculable worth, so has the New Jerusalem chanced to be uncovered…her secrets disclosed and her worth made known.  Yes, in the most unlikely of places – for we of faith thought her a demonic throwback to an age of barbarism, to a culture ill-advised as to its evils…no wonder then the Avenue of the Dead, so named for its violent passage from this terrestrial ball, could find herself redeemed from the curse unto the Spirit of Life through Messiah…but that is precisely not only what we are suggesting:  It is absolutely our entire thesis of the matter…for the more we indulge its metrologies – the more we are utterly persuaded in her redemption!
Uncovering the Measurements of the Teotihuacán New Jerusalem Diagram
For the past 100 years the restoration and excavation of Teotihuacán has endured the scalpel, sometimes the cure was worse than the malady – i.e., “restoration” so severely damaged the original architecture that it would have been better to leave the patient be!  Notwithstanding, after archaeological standards were perfected – at least to the extent that a more original intent could be surmised – we and our posterity can now behold this most striking panoply of monuments and artifact with a greater degree of clarity than ever before.
An examination of the works of Hugh Harleston (STU, Standard Teotihuacán Unit of 1 Hunab = the Sacred Jewish Rod of 3.4757485 “Imperial Feet” or 1.0594063 meters); Saburo Sugiyama of Japan (Teotihuacán Measuring Unit of 83 cm or 2.69’ or 32.68”);  and others under the synthesis of “Atlantis Bolivia” (Jim Allen) with their GPS and use of the Sumerian foot (s.f. 13.2” – e.g., 9 s.f. = 9 * 13.2” = 118.8 inches or 118.8”/12” = 9.9 Imperial Feet)  – most in coordination with and under the meticulous efforts of the INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, National Institute of Anthropology and History)– the Federal Government of Mexico Bureau established in 1939 to guarantee the research, preservation, protection, and promotion of the prehistoric, archaeological,anthropologicalhistorical, and paleontological heritage of Mexico.
Why the “Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon?” and the 2112 (2.1’/25.20”)
This series on “The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon” was established by our web site, the Tribulation Network, to communicate the prophetic potential of these antiquities.  Increasingly, this has evolved into an earnest pursuit and understanding which enhances those dimensions of the heavenly City, New Jerusalem, from Sacred Canon to be “under discovery” throughout the ancient world – i.e., literal dimensions derived from Sacred Text which surprisingly mirror those of the British Imperial Mile, foot, inch and all surrounding the perfection of the biblical Sacred Cubit which Sir Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics, made known to the world.
Newton so earnestly sought after and concluded the measurement of the Sacred Cubit to approximate as a “fractal” (resemblance) the circumference of the “meridian Earth” to wit:  24,833.2 miles and Newton’s Sacred Cubit of 24.8832”  or 2.0736’ whereas with John Taylor’s elaborations, 25.02” or 2.0854491’ which Sacred Cubit in later years was determined to be 7-handbreaths of 3.6” each or 7 * 3.6” = 25.20” which, as well computes to the number of degrees in a 7-day time frame – i.e., 7 * 360° (rotation of the Earth in one 24-hr. time frame to equal one full week of 7 days) = 2520° which in turn is a “fractal” (perfect resemblance) of the 25.20” or 25.20”/12” (one foot) = 2.1’.  (Source:  Dimensions of Paradise, John Michell, pp. 105-20 on “Number and Measure”). Newton and Taylor surely knew – from their observations of the Great Pyramid that 144 (the Wall of the New Jerusalem * 2.1’ (Sacred Cubit) = 302.4’ * 3 = 907.2’ wherein both dimensions reflect the base perimeter of the GP (3024’) and its 12-edged cube (9072’) and 9072’ * 12” = 108,864” or “108” (18 New Jerusalem) and “864” (Sun’s diameter as a fractal or 864,000 miles and, as well 18 and both = 36 or 360° circle).
Incidentally, Taylor regarded the “pyramid inch” was used in the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza equal to 1/25 of the Sacred Cubit; therefore, 25.02”/25 = 1.0008” (the “pyramid inch”) and the ultimate Sacred Cubit measurement of 25.20”/25 = 1.008” – therefore, we came ever closer to the truth of the New Jerusalem’s Standard of Measurement which is the “18” (i.e., her 12-edged cubical perimeter is 18,000 linear miles)…and to the 2.1’ and the 21 celestial platform (21 x 21 square blocks or 441 blocks at the Sun-Star-Cross) seen at both the Sun-Star-Cross of Peru and now Teotihuacán’s Sacred Complex with what we affirm to be 21,120 Linear Feet in “her four-sided perimeter” or the “21” (having the “stamp” of approval, if you would, of the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1’) with the “12” of the duodecimal system of metrology as well as one of the two cardinal numbers of the New Jerusalem (the other being “7”).  (Note:  Teotihuacán’s “Complex Perimeter’s Four Sides” measure 7,920’ (Earth’s diameter) + 7,920’ (both sides) + 2,640’ (one width of .5 miles) + 2,640’ (second width, top or bottom of the rectangular shape) = 21,120 Linear Feet.).
That the Sacred Cubit’s 25.20” or 2.1’ is a “work of the Spirit” (manifested in “49” as per Zechariah 4 – i.e., the 7 lamps each with 7 conduits to each lamp or 7 * 7 = 49 and 49 being the final year of Jubilee’s liberation) is seen in that 21,120’ * 12” = 253,440” (which is likewise “18” and New Jerusalem’s Standard of Measurement) / 2.1’ = 120,685.714285 = “49” digit sum.
Validation of the 25.20” Sacred Cubit is clearly seen in a multitude of metrologies and antiquities – e.g., the perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza wherein 756 feet, standard base edge of this half of an octahedron’s base * 4 platform/base edges = 3,024 Linear Feet (four-square base) * 12” = 36,288 inches divided by 25.20” (Sacred Cubit) = 1,440 Sacred Cubits or the “144” of the New Jerusalem Wall (Note:  1,440 Sacred Cubits * 2.1’ = 3,024 Linear Feet = the perimeter base of the Great Pyramid of Giza…”Then he measured its wall:  one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel” (Revelation 21:17).
That the Sun of Righteousness, the Sacred Cubit and the Great Pyramid of Giza are marvelously intertwined cannot go unnoticed any longer – for, if we take her 756’ base and its cubed 12 edges or 756’ * 12 = 9,072’/2.1’ (the Sacred Cubit) = 4,320 Cubits which is 864/2 = 432; thus, in the 432 we observe the radius of the Sun, and the fact that 4 + 3 + 2 = 9, and this “9” is the cardinal number or “end of all number” (1 being the beginning and 9 the ending) – which is the Sun of Righteousness.
This “21” ( “seen” in the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1’) is a reoccurring dimension used by the ancients in many of their platforms – e.g., the Sun-Star and Cross of Peru is ultimately laid out on a 21 x 21 platform with each of the 441 small platform squares equaling 26.4’ x 26.4’ (21 * 21 = 441) wherein two such squares as a diameter of a small circle within a square are equal to 52.8” which is a fractal of the 5,280’ Imperial Mile.  Likewise, the “21” – bearing semblance to the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1’ dimensions (i.e., 25.20”) is demonstrative of the Peruvian Sun-Star & Cross’ 21 x 21 square platform wherein the perimeter measure is the 21 x 21 as 84 (separate perimeter edges of its square) * 26.4’ = 2,217.6’ = “18” (or 2 + 2 + 1 + 7 + 6 = 18) which is the Standard Measurement of the New Jerusalem’s 18,000-mile 12-edge perimeter – and, 2,217.6’ * 12” = 26,611.2” whose digit sum is also “18.” 
Whereas if we consider “separate blocks” surrounding the 21 x 21 we would come to 80 separate blocks – taking 1 dimension from each 80 of 26.4’ or 80 * 26.4’ = 2,112’ reflecting the “21” and the “12” of the Sun-Star’s 21 x 21 platform (which includes the Sun-Cross and the Sun-Star) and the 12 x 12 platform within the 21 x 21 platform which exclusively includes the Sun-Star’s 12 x 12 platform.
What is altogether and absolutely reassuring (in both the Sun-Star-Cross and Teotihuacán) is the stamp of the Imperial Mile upon the entire complex of Teotihuacán wherein its length mirrors the diameter of the Earth at 1.5 miles or 7,920 miles (i.e., 7,920 Linear Feet) and its breath measures .5 miles or 2,640’ which is 1/2 of 5,280’/2 = 2,640’.  However, the “2112” is written all over Teotihuacán as it is the Sun-Star-Cross of Peru…7,920’ + 2,640’ + 7,920’ + 2,640’ (Teotihuacán’s Metroplex/3-Major Sites perimeter) = 21,120’ – again “21” and “12.” and this is expressive of Divine Governance as in 21,120’ * 12 = 274,560” = “24” the prime number for Divine Governance as in 12 Patriarchs and 12 Apostles.
Finally – the Sacred Cubit’s stamp is upon both “sacred sites of antiquity” in that 21 * 12 = 252 and this 252 is precisely the fractal of the 25.20” of the Sacred Cubit and 252,000 miles is the distance between the Earth and the Moon at apogee, and that this association between the Moon and the Earth is, likewise, reflective of the New Jerusalem under the Imperial Mile’s interpretation wherein 252,000 miles * 5,280’ (feet in one mile) = 1,330,560,000’ = “18” or that the Wall of the New Jerusalem (144) when coupled with 18 inspires this product:  144 * 18 = 2,592. 
This product of 2,592 is naught but a fractal of the Great Constellational Precessional (Mazzaroth/Zodiac of 25,920 years – “and on her head a garland of 12 stars” – Rev. 12:1 – wherein 2,160 years * 12 (stars/constellations) = 25,920 years) which in turn not only bears the “18” (2 + 5 + 9 + 2 = 18) but as you observe its numeric composition you see BOTH the 25…9…2 or the “252” (Sacred Cubit) and the “9” of the Sun of Righteousness – or if you would 25,920/18 = 144, the Wall of the New Jerusalem or 25,920/144 = 180 = “18” the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.
The Imperial Mile is so intensely compatible with the New Jerusalem that 18 * 5,280 = 95,040 which is a fractal of the 95,040,000 miles between the Sun and Earth at their apogee and 95,040 is the final perimeter of the New Jerusalem’s 12-edged cube wherein 7,920,000’ * 12 = 95,040,000 Linear Feet/5,280 = 18,000 Miles.   
The wretched deceit to deprecate the authenticity and elaborate worth of the Imperial Mile, foot, inch juxtaposed to the atheistic, inaccurate and impoverished use of the metric system (so sorry the Brits and the Commonwealth who once guarded its sacred dimensions have forsaken their heritage, having succumbed to the secularization of the metric system – a system whose two Frenchmen who concocted it knew of its inaccuracies but hid their deceit lest their “scientific fraud” should be known and thusly discredit their inane research!  (Please See:  The Secret Academy)).  Astounding!  Only the Americans persist with the mile.
I spent nigh 15 years propagating a fraud – the metric system.  I must say that a special dispensation of grace must be afforded to Dr. John Michell’s condemnatory disclosures of this mischievous metric:
“Modern students of ancient metrology, or units of measure, have been hampered by their use of the irrelevant metric system in their researches.  The French metre is a modern contrivance of the late eighteenth century, based on an inaccurately measured quarter of the earth’s circumference through the poles, of which the metre was made a ten-millionth part.  The new-fangled unit bears no relation to any ancient unit, and by using it for antiquarian research modern scholars have concealed from themselves the key to the elucidation of ancient metrology.  This key is in number.  All the ancient units relate to each other, and to the dimensions of the earth, by the same code of number as is found in every other ancient form of art and science.” (The New View Over Atlantis, John Michell, pp. 125-6).
John Taylor in the mid-1800s discovered at the Great Pyramid of Giza there were 1750 “Egyptian royal cubits” at 1.728’ or 1750 * 1.728’ = 3,024’ (base perimeter).  He also noted that there were 500 million British inches in the earth’s polar diameter.  Astronomer John Herschel took this data and suggested that the French should adopt this true geodetic unit IN PLACE of the metric system (Ibid. p. 138).
The Sacred Cubit has left its Mark…
Our measurements of the Citadel at Teotihuacán were ultimately determined by contrasting and comparing the development of some 50+ years of measurement by the aforesaid researchers – especially, those of notoriety who attempted to create units of measurement which integrate into a cosmological, calendrical and astronomical system justifying the areas, distances, elevations, etc. Throughout the complex…in other words, the designers of Teotihuacán did not arrange the largest complex of pyramids of the Americas at random.  There was profound meaning to their design – a design which we affirm, regardless of the aforementioned critics and their myriad of “stellar conclusions” and justifications, simply do not integrate with the profound symmetries and geometrical splendor of those dimensions connected with the measurements of paradise:  the New Jerusalem.
The blatant fact that the ancients – including those of Noah and Enoch and the “Shepherd Kings” of yore – indeed, the “sons of Seth” (See:  “In Josephus”), the righteous one, knew the dimensions of the Sacred Cubit and erected their structures from past antiquity in accordance thereto, including the Ark of Noah, to the Great Pyramid of Giza with this understanding…then transmitted the mystery of these measurements to the ancient Hebrews (and others) who undoubtedly substantiated them from Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees (and its proximity to ancient Sumer from whence the Sumerian Foot/Anglo-Saxon/Northern Foot, known as King Arthur’s Foot acclaimed by Dr. John Michell of Sacred Geometry fame) through the Tabernacle and Temples of Israel (Solomon to Ezekiel) to the Dimensions of Paradise given to John the Beloved and especially delineated in Revelation 21:16-17.
That this “system of measurement” and the discovery of the Sacred Cubit – which Sacred Cubit phraseology was “encoded” in of all things, the King James Version of the Scriptures…having been internally influenced by her majesty and founder of the Church of England, Queen Elizabeth I and her much-supportive court (viz. John Dee, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Bacon – even Shakespeare – et al, and her own proclivities at ancient numerical value during a most fascinating time when the so-called pseudo sciences gave way to the modern sciences – e.g., astrology to astronomy, alchemy to chemistry, etc.) could, as well, have been so ubiquitous in its application in places throughout the ancient world – like Teotihuacán and the Sun-Star and Cross of Peru as well as the Great Pyramid of Giza – is not only mind-boggling but wholly mystifying that such would at this time be in human history so generously expressed by both religious and non-religious alike.
What Christianity has done – because of its “interior” dimensions of paradise –  wherein “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them that love Him” (I Cor. 2:9) and the emphasis Jesus placed on the “Temple of the Holy Spirit” being the “temple of man”…as He addressed the Samaritan Woman:  “Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father…But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.  God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:21, 23-24) – has been to utterly, and unfortunately, neglect these most sacred dimensions as peripheral to the “weightier things of God.” 
Consequently, these “celestial measurements” reflected in Holy Writ and recorded upon a score of sacred sites whose artifact express antiquities of divine import have now been diminished –  their earthly reflections as void of true spirituality and, consequently, allowing them either to perish with the Gnostics or having allowed them to be usurped by paganism.  Yes, not knowing their numerical ramifications are a rich and abiding attestation to divine intervention into human affairs and prophetic confirmation of the age to come!
Furthermore, by allowing well-meaning pagans (the likes of Dr. John Mitchell) exclusive jurisdiction to define the dimensions of Paradise and to illustrate them, all the more, using Sacred Geometry – and, in particular, his classic Diagram of the New Jerusalem – when, in point of glaring fact, these very measurements should have been “internalized” and prophetically expressed by the very people denouncing either their superficiality or deception as dangerous New Age claptrap of no account, and worse, the participation in the “doctrines of demons” designed to negate the Church and her traditions which struggled with Gnostic Christianity (two links here) in her earlier days and prevailed against their “evil doctrines.”
I find it embarrassing and disturbing that the Almighty literally went outside of the believing community to those stepped in the occult to re-discover these metrologies and their biblical compatibilities and profundities – so closed-minded (unless I’m sorely missing someone of Christian notoriety heretofore so obscure that their research, in all likelihood met a similar fate as early Gnostics) had the believing community become!  This adds new meaning to the story of God having to speak through Balim’s ass … when all else fails!
Yet, these misappropriations of spiritual interest – this centuries-old neglect of our prophetic anticipation – is coming to a torrid conclusion, yet noble beginning…for the same God Who penned through John the Beloved these glorious dimensions of paradise, likewise, let it be known that the same Church, whose roots were founded in the revelation of the Almighty, the One True God, through Abraham unto Moses, as given to Israel of the flesh – would, at the close of this Age as previously stated, let it be known to principalities and powers in heavenly places, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God – and that this wisdom is the power of God unto salvation through the Messiah and manifested from among the Gentiles who have been called into the “Commonwealth of Israel” – indeed, that NOW, that prophetic message once exclusively internalized is receiving external confirmation as never before that the “mystery of God” shall be complete – “finished” – not many days hence (Revelation 16:7).  That anticipation, we affirm, has now commenced in earnest whereby the “rocks cry out” from antiquity that the descension of the New Jerusalem both outwardly and inwardly is upon us all.
And as the Church, once again, affirms her own dimensions to be that of the New Jerusalem, she as well, confirms her standing to be that of His One Bride, comprised as the 12 Patriarchs of Israel and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb in Divine Governance (12 + 12 = 24)…for she is that Woman of Revelation 21 wherein it says:
“‘Come I will show you the Woman, the Lamb’s Bride’…and he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God…the city is laid out as a square; its length is as great as its breadth…And he measured the city with the reed: twelve thousand furlongs…Its length, breadth, and height are equal…Then he measured its wall:  one hundred and forty-four cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel” (Revelation 21:9-10, 16-17 Free Translation, NKJV).
This dynamic infusion of the spiritual into the literal is driving this discovery and identification within antiquity as never before…there is no other explanation than the shifting of the prophetic balance in acclamation of the Dimensions of Paradise being committed to those whose descriptions define these very measurements of the New Jerusalem – it is they who awaken our understanding of her imminent descension to the Earth. 
In that these astronomical dimensions – Moon, Sun, Constellations and our very Earth are aligned in this prophetic discovery upon the artifacts of terra firma – then, is it any wonder we read:
“Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever” (Daniel 12:3)…and as knowledge of the prophetic increases, even so, the “need to know” Earth’s final mission abounds…yes…the convergence of the literal and the spiritual in these disclosures is upon us…for in the Latter Days…
“But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end. [Then] many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book], and knowledge [of God’s purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be increased and become great” (Daniel 12:4 Amplified Version).
More on the New Jerusalem Diagram….As Seen in Teotihuacán
The NJ Diagram is the full expression of proportion and balance - extended to governance under Plato.  The entire concept of “City” connotes administration - the “ideal city” was and is today the “celestial city” – yet descending to Earth - Greek philosophers venerated it as the true, revealed image of God’s creation - the “standard of all human affairs.”  The dimensions of this celestial “reality” are expressed in certain numbers prominent in ancient astronomy, timekeeping and other numerical sciences (so says Michell).

These “proportions” found in music, geometry, architecture, astronomy, city and social planning - and in individual psychology and even the “nature of man” (e.g., “spirit, soul and body” - a Greek and eventual Christian concept).  Though the “temples” of the ancient world fascinated and to some extent enshrined and/or “canonized” these proportions and equities - it was the Hebrews and their “ark” (even “Noah's ark” measurements) and the Sacred Cubit whose manifestations were wrought in the Hebrew Tabernacle and eventual Temples in Jerusalem and their celestial extensions unto the Holy City, New Jerusalem as BOTH a terrestrial (earthly) and atmospheric (heavenly) expression - if you would, the zenith of all such numeric canon.

This became the “standard bearer” of all dimensions - thus, human nature (Holiest of All - the spirit of man; Holy Place - the mind or soul of man - and the Outer Court - the body of a man) AND the very order of the universe are envisioned as one archetype - the pattern in which the Creator set about to do His work.  Thus, the TEMPLE was placed by the Creator between the aforementioned human and the cosmic - this was the “transfer point” wherein heavenly designs were affected upon the earth and human society would in turn affect the entire world of nature.

Once the temple was destroyed - throughout the world, I hasten to add - THE paradigm was destroyed with it.  Notwithstanding - Christianity was able to “internalize” the concept of Temple without an earthly manifestation (although Mormons and quite frankly, the Catholics with the Vatican and all and to a lesser extent the most recent of endless citadels of sanctimonious structures ad nausea, ad infinitum).  Thus, the nomenclature of John the Beloved opens a vast celestial reality and ultimate descended manifestation from the heavens of that ultimate canon of perfection intertwined with God and man as the Bridegroom and Bride of the Temple as it has always been.

I don't mean to appear “deep” - but this is the setting of the New Jerusalem Diagram.  Thus, we read:  “Awaiting the seeker is the outline of a celestial city, the very same as appeared to St. John on Patmos, agreeing in its dimensions with the cosmological cities and temples that sanctified the earth over long ages in the distant past.” (Ibid. Michell)

Michell initially crowns the Sacred Cubit as 1 1/2 feet (18”) - but in later volumes he produces 25.02” or 2.085’ - however, and as can be readily buttressed, this calculation was/is as well off and should read 25.20” (or .18”+) and thus, 2.1’ in its simplicity and utter confirmations throughout scores of Sacred text and is proportionately far more significant than 25.02” - giving credence, once again, to the 21 x 21 squares of the Sun-Star (i.e., 2.1’)

The NJ took the “form” of a cube with the aforesaid divine proportions reflected at their optimum - if you would - a culmination of all the ancient bearings wherein 12,000 furlongs with each of its six faces expressing 144 million square furlongs (12,000 * 12,000) which add to the dimensions of the Sun's diameter of 864,000,000 sq. feet (i.e., 12,000 * 12,000 = 144,000,000 sq. ft. * 6 = 864,000,000 sq. feet) or 864,000 miles as the Sun’s diameter, with the 864,000,000 sq. feet of the New Jerusalem being the Sun’s fractal. 
By eliminating all zeroes of the New Jerusalem’s 12,000 furlongs per edge we have “12” from whence one face of the NJ is 12 * 12 = 144 (area face of one side) * 6 (faces of a cube) = 864, which is, again, the fractal of the Sun’s diameter of 864,000 miles.  When this 864,000 miles is multiplied by feet in one mile * 5,280’ = 4,561,920,000 linear feet (sun’s diameter in feet) we derive its digit sum to be “27” or 2 + 7 = 9 which “27” is Messiah Revealed and whose ultimate consolidation (2 + 7 = 9) is the Sun of Righteousness (9) – our so-called “Ninth Ray” or 8 Solar System Planets + the Sun (1) = 9. 

Michell's prejudice I wholly share:  “The New Jerusalem is not a human manufacture, as the units of measure that pertain to its dimensions are properly called sacred because they derive from eternal standards in number and nature.” (Ibid.)

Indeed - 12 furlongs * 660’ (1 furlong = 660’) = 7,920 feet as a fractal of the Earth's 7,920 mile diameter.  This “12” is the 12-fold division of the Holy City, New Jerusalem - 12 gates of pearl, 12 foundations, 12 patriarchs, 12 apostles, 12 manner of fruit, 12 stars/constellations, 12,000 from each tribe, and, of course 12 x 12 = 144.   

When 12 and 144 come together as in 12 * 144 = 1728 (123) and when 12,000 furlongs come together with 144 “cubits” we find the following:  12,000 * 144 = 1,728,000 but it is when we put this together:  14,400 * 1.728 = 24,883.2 feet...which is the circumference of the “Meridian Earth” that the full impact of the "circle within the square" comes into view...this is the beginning of the New Jerusalem Diagram! 

Now, we can measure the circumference of Earth’s Circle as 24,883.2’/miles and the perimeter of the square New Jerusalem wherein it resides as 7,920’ (one edge or the diameter of the Earth) * 4 = 31,680 feet and * 3 (as a cube) will give us 95,040 which is a fractal of the distance between the Earth and the Sun at apogee (or 95,040,000 miles).  Therefore, both the “Earth’s Circle” within the square and the Circle of the New Jerusalem Diagram and its square within that circle are “digit-wise” exactly the same (four square). 

The 24,883.2’/miles may be obtained by “12’s” as in 12 to the 5th power or 12 * 12 * 12 * 12 * 12 = 248,832 or the “number sets” of 248832 = 248832.

In any event - insofar as the New Jerusalem Diagram’s initial creation concerns:  It appears to be the evolving brainchild of Michell himself!  Its popularity - most certainly - is due to Michell’s illustrations from his Dimensions of Paradise and other assorted publications.  In “Dimensions” he entitles FIGURE 7 as “Sources of the New Jerusalem diagram” - i.e., how it is constructed.  Here he uses St. Mary’s Chapel at Glastonbury now superimposed upon St. John’s New Jerusalem (circle with 7920 diameter within a square wherein all edges mirror the diameter of the circle). 
He then superimposes a hexagon and/or Magan David whose four “interior points” mirror the dimensions of the main Chapel.  He then uses Stonehenge dimensions and creates an outermost circle whose circumference allows the points of the New Jerusalem square to be exposed outside this circumference to the extent that its sphere allows on all four sides of the New Jerusalem 4-square (ultimate cube) 4 separate smaller circles whose diameters are as “unto the Moon” or 2,160 mile diameters - thusly, the circumference of the outermost circle now intersects through the midst of all four of these (north-east-south-west) circles (the appearance of which allows these smaller circles immediate linkage to the larger circle of 7,920 diameter and when added together 2,160 (the radii of two moons) + 7,920 = 10,080 (i.e., taking the entire 7,920 diameter of the “New Jerusalem Circle” and adding on either side the radius of the Moon at 1080 * 2 = 2160 - thereby “excluding” that part of the two Moons so intersected to also constitute 2160.

Michell continues in his Dimensions of Paradise the full construction of the New Jerusalem Diagram - and claiming that its foundation figure is firmly tied to the squared circle.  He clearly illustrates that by taking the radius of the New Jerusalem/Earth at 3,960 and adding it to the radius of the Moon we arrive at 5040 or 3,960 + 1,080 = 5040 which in turn is the ideal and/or optimal Platonic Number for social stability and societal bliss as expressed in Magnesia, which Magnesia Michell likens to the New Jerusalem’s counterpart…whereas the antithesis (based on the infamous “10” or “forbid” the metric system of sorts) is the doomed city of Atlantis whose counterpart is that of Babylon the Great.
The failure and ultimate destruction of Atlantis whose “commercial exploits” rival/rivaled those of Babylon the Great (Revelation 18) was destroyed and for good reason – whereas Magnesia will one day prevail…even so, Babylon the Great will be destroyed and descending to Earth will be the New Jerusalem with her perfections, social and spiritual, in every way.  What I find fascinating is the impressions of Sir Francis Bacon whose text, The New Atlantis, although taking place somewhere off the coast of Peru, has in mind The New World, and in particular, what ultimately became known as the United States of America – so this was Bacon’s New Atlantis, ipso facto, Babylon the Great?

Ultimately, the radius of two of the Moons (equal to its diameter) or 2,160 + the diameter of the “Circle within the New Jerusalem Square” or 7,920 are together as 10,080 (miles).  Magnesia's equilibrium is expressed in taking 108,864 (the Moon's radius as 108 and the Sun's diameter of 864) and dividing 5040 into this number set to arrive at each citizen having the Moon's diameter of 216 or 2160 as in 21.6 acres as in 21.6 * 43,560 sq. feet = 108,864 sq. ft. / 5040 = 21.6 * 5040 = 108,864, etc.

In other words - without this “celestial” and planetary “overlay” the entire concept of a New Jerusalem Diagram is impossible.  It is not so much that it is - it is far more a matter of its evolving beauty that is our focus - HOW is here more important than WHO DONE IT (once again).

The ancients most assuredly knew this in that taking their cue from this celestial reality they constructed the Great Pyramid of Giza - in that 864 minus 108 = 756 - the base dimension of the GPG - therefore, both Sun (864) and Moon (108) were involved in its construction and to attest thereto we have:  756’ * 4 = 3024’ * 12” = 36,288” (cubed by 8 more 756’ dimensions or 12 edges of a cubed New Jerusalem) and we arrive at 36,288” * 3 = 108,864” which are, again, the Dimensions of Paradise and attestation that the measurements of the New Jerusalem are the Standard Bearer for all ancient geometry and proportion as demonstrated, ultimately by Michell’s New Jerusalem Diagram - which he humbly declares is the “divine order on earth.”  Indeed, the GPG cubing figure in inches depicts not only the Messiah’s Revelation (27 digit sum of 36288) but, likewise, “36” and “288” which 36 is the very 360
° and “288” is 144 *2 = 288 – thus, the Eternal God’s purpose in the GPG is the linking together of the Heavens (864) and the Earth (756) but is, as well, the reflection of the “two sets” of 144,000 found in the Revelation (chapters 7 and 14) which 144s are Israel (Rev. 7) to the Earth as Divine Testimony and the Church (Rev. 14) to the Heavens as Divine Testimony.

In point of fact - and may I declare the significance in this respect of “9” as another number of the New Jerusalem which bears prominence in that 5040 (societal bliss - having the radii of both Moon and Earth engaged) + 3,960 (the radius of the Earth) are equal to “9,000” (on one side of Michell's New Jerusalem Diagram) and “9,000” on the other and that the two combined, naturally, form 10,080 or the “18” Standard of the New Jerusalem’s 18,000 mile 12-edged/cubed perimeter as in 792 * 12 = 9504 or 95,040,000 miles (again - distance between Earth and Sun at apogee) divided by 5,280 feet in 1 mile = 18,000 miles and our “18” - these two “9s” are indicative, I boldly proclaim, to the NINTH RAY or BLOCK to which the Sun-Star acclaims her beauty and to the Sun of Righteousness ARISING on the Great Day of God to effect the full manifestation of this celestial reality in bringing 5040 to Earth (5 + 4 = 9) at His coming in glory (45 as in 4 + 5 = 9) and, therefore, “Blessed is he who waits unto the 1,335th day or 45 days beyond the terminus of desolations or the 1290th day + 45 days = 1335.  Therefore, the Cross of Palpa “9” (i.e., 21*21=441 = 4 + 4 + 1 = 9) and the Sun-Star of Peru “9” (i.e., 12*12 platform = 144 = 1 + 4 + 4 = 9) are equal to "”18” - the First and Second Comings of Messiah - first as the Son of Man Whose face “shines as the brightness of the Sun” and Whose final Arising will come with “Healing in His Wings” for His Bride, the New Jerusalem.  (Please Note:  441 + 144 = 585 = 18 New Jerusalem and 441 – 144 = 297 = 18 and 441 * 144 = 63,504 which is 18 but seen as 63 (6 + 3 = 9) and 54 (5 + 4 = 9) and “99” is the Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness – First and Second Comings.

The clarity of this vision seen by Michell - from a distance - was, nevertheless, SEEN!  He constructed the New Jerusalem Diagram with 12 such moons surrounding the circle within the Square of the New Jerusalem to connote the “12s” and the duodecimal of Sacred Geometry; likewise attesting to “her balance” in the use of “12” throughout her “construction.”
The 12 Moons surrounding are likened to the 12 constellations of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac – each with a diameter of the Moon (2,160 miles) or the 2,160 years of the Zodiac. 
In Part A of this multi-part series on Teotihuacán we discussed the “12 Moons” or “constellations” of the Sacred Complex at Teotihuacán being 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ (cubes – 12 such cubes) or each of the Complex broken down into 12 separate areas with this aforementioned dimension in that the length of the TC (Teotihuacán Complex) is 7,920’ (1.5 miles) and her width is 2,640’ or .5 miles wide.  The axis or Avenue of the Dead divides the TC in half creating two spheres and then the 7,920’ length is divided by 6 = 1,320’ * 6 = 7,920’.
Although we have structured the “12 TC Moons” as circles within individual squares measuring 1,320’ x 1,320’ with their diameters bearing the same dimension of 1,320’ – it is possible that the “overall TC itself” could constitute the large circle within the square – the question being:  What is the diameter of this larger circle within the square and, therefore, the side length of the larger square?
In this sense we are, if you would, “working backwards” – having started with both the overall platform of 7,920’ x 2,640’ x 7,920’ x 2,640’ = 21,120’ by taking the 7,920’ length and seeing it already divided by its Axis (i.e., the so-called Avenue or Street of the Dead) and then dividing up “each side” into six equal parts or 1,320’ x 1,320’ or 1,320’ (diameters of 1,320’ each) * 6 = 7,920’ (one side).  This gives us “12 Teotihuacán Moons” (6 on each side or 2 * 6 = 12 and each with a diameter of 1,320’ ( or 1,320’ ea. diameter * 12 = 15,840’ = “18”) and each of the 1,320’ x 1,320’ squares with a 4-square perimeter of 1,320’ * 4 = if we were to draw “circles within the squares” 5,280’ (4-square perimeters) or 1 square mile * 3 (if individually cubed) = 15,840’ or 3 square miles * 12 Moon = 36 square miles for all 12 four-square/cubed as the New Jerusalem Squares “enclosing the 12 Teotihuacán Moons) – now, all that is left is to determine the diameter of the Larger Circle within the Square. 
Michell – in this case used the 2,160 mile Moon diameters for his 12 circles around the main “circle within the square” being 7,920 miles which, therefore, was the diameter of the Earth – thus, the middle and large circle was the Earth.
To fit the circles of a diameter of 1,320’ around such a larger circle within such a larger square – we must consider the New Jerusalem Diagram’s capabilities in that the diameters of the 2,160 mile/unit Moons which surround the larger circle, do so within a circle which is the diameter of the Earth at 7,920’ – while an “external circle” surrounds all 12 of the Moons inside a 12-sided polygon.  Therefore, the overall diameter of the outermost circle/sphere which is just within the 12-sided polygon which surrounds it has a “composite diameter” of 7,920 + 2,160 + 2,160 =12,240 (miles).
By proportional ratio we can construct such a circle with dimensions which will reflect the “Proportional New Jerusalem Diagram” for the Teotihuacán Complex (TC) while enhancing TC’s reflection of the New Jerusalem herself!
Firstly, keep in mind that the 12 Moons which surround the “Circle within the Square” are a reflection of the TC herself having 12 Moons all of which are “Circles within Squares” and each having both a diameter of 1,320’ and all four sides of their square of the same dimension of 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’ x 1,320’.
Next, we take Michell’s NJ Diagram wherein the Moon’s Diameter is 2,160 miles (on one side of the circle which constitutes the Earth and her diameter of 7,920 miles – please keep in mind that the length of the TC is 7,920’  and a reflection of Earth’s Diameter and of the “edge of the New Jerusalem” seen in Revelation 21:16).  Moons on either side of the Earth’s diameter are 2,160 miles + 2,160 miles or 4,320 miles.
Therefore our “ratio” would be established in order to secure the diameter of the Teotihuacán Circle Diameter using the TC’s Moons on either side of its diameter combining them as 1,320 + 1,320 = 2,640 juxtaposed to the combined two moons of the New Jerusalem Diagram or 2,160 + 2,160 = 4,320.
4,320/7,920 : 2,640/x (we must solve for “x” which is the TC Large Circle and is proportionally reflective of Earth’s 7,920 mile diameter.  Our formula now looks like this:  4,320x = 20,908,800 or x = 4,840…so TC Diameter is 4,840 units and that of her 12 Moons is 1,320 units or feet.  Her radius is 1/2 of 4,840/2 = 2,420’ and that of her Moons’ radii is 1,320/2 = 660 units or feet (Please view the above graphic.).
Now this provides us a variety of possibilities and reflections. 
Circumference of the Teotihuacán’s Circle (i.e., the Earth)
4,840’ * 3.14181818 (Using the New Jerusalem Pi of 864/275) =
15,206.4’ = digit sum of “18” = the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement
15,206.4’ * 12” = 182,476.8” = digit sum of “36” or the Eternal God
Who has No Beginning and No Ending or 360° Circle
Area of the Larger Circle:
A = π * r18,399,744 sq. ft. = digit sum of “45
45 = the Arising of the Sun of Righteousness and 4 + 5 = = Sun of Righteousness
The All-Inclusive Teotihuacán Circle (Embracing all 12 Moons)
Diameter Composite:  4,840 + 1,320 + 1,320 = 7,480’
Circumference:  7,480’ * 3.14181818 = 23,500.8’ = digit sum of “18
18 = New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement
23,500.8’ * 12” = 282,009.6” = digit sum of “27
27 = the full Revelation of Messiah and 2 + 7 = 9 = Sun of Righteousness
18 * 27 = 486 = 18 digit sum
Area of the All-Inclusive TC:
A = π * r= 3.14181818 * (3,740)2
Area of the All-Inclusive TC Circle = 43,946,496 sq. ft. = digit sum of “45
45 = the Arising of the Sun of Righteousness – Second Coming of Messiah
Visualizing the 12 distinct Moons of Teotihuacán is quite simple when the above TC is viewed (two graphics up).  Now, let’s take the TC Square of 4,840’ on each side of its Larger Square juxtaposed to the edge of the New Jerusalem which bears the Earth’s diameter or 7,920,000’ or 792 vs. 484.  It’s four-square base would be:  4 * 4,480’ = 19,360’ * 12” = 232,320” and cubed to match the New Jerusalem we have:  19,360’ * 3 = 58,080’ = digit sum of “21” – please note that the “21” is extremely significant and is the actual perimeter insignia of the TC herself as in 21,120’ or “21” and “12.”  58,080’ * 12” = 696,960” = digit sum of “36” (Please note the 21,120’ TC Perimeter is 2,640’ + 7,920’ + 2,640’ + 7,920’ = 21,120’.). 
When the “21” integrates with the “36” (i.e., when the 12-edged TC Cube’s linear feet are multiplied with her 12-edged perimeter in inches) or 21 * 36 = 756.  You may recognize this number set as “18” – which it surely is but it is also the base edge in feet of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 
When we take the 4840’ * 4840’ (area of the TC Cube) = 23,425,600 sq. ft. (one face of the TC Cube).  Now, 23,425,600 sq. ft. * 6 faces = 140,553,600 sq. ft. = digit sum of “24” – therefore, could we not say that the entire expression of the TC Cube is a witness to Divine Governance (24)?  I think we absolutely have that right.  The 24 Elders of the New Jerusalem, I believe, are a perfect reflection of Teotihuacán’s own 24.
By taking the 140,553,600 sq. ft. and multiplying it by 144 (the Wall of the New Jerusalem) in order to achieve her area on six faces of her cube in square inches, we arrive at:  144 * 140,553,600 sq. ft. = 20,239,718,400 sq. inches or a digit sum of “36.”
What is perhaps the most overwhelming expression that Teotihuacán’s 12-edge Cube with her 4,840’ edges is a reflection of the New Jerusalem and ipso facto of the Sun of Righteousness is this extrapolation:  Taking the 24 digit sum in her sq. ft. six faced cube and multiplying it with her digit sum of 36 in sq. inches on those same six faces we find this staggering realization:  24 * 36 = 864 which is the diameter (fractal) of the Sun’s diameter of 864,000 miles and is also the absolute reflection of the New Jerusalem herself of the Revelation wherein if all zeroes are dropped from the 12,000 furlongs on one of her edges we have “12” on each of the 12 edges; therefore to find the “area’ of her six faces we simply do the following:  12 * 12 = 144 * 6 (faces) = 864.  Therefore, the cube of Teotihuacán and the cube of the New Jerusalem both come to 864!
The TC Cube’s Diagonal is equal to 6,844.8’ (whose side measurements are 4,480’) or a digit sum of “30” – however, in inches her diagonal is 6,844.8’ * 12” = 82,137.6” or a digit sum of “27” – in both cases there is the reflection of Messiah Revealed (27) and the age of the commencement of His Ministry at 30 years.  Of note is 30 * 27 = 810 or “81” and this “81” is altogether characteristic not only of 8 + 1 = 9 and the Sun of Righteousness but of the “81 Dots” of the Sun-Star of Palpa, Peru. 
When each of the diagonals on each of the six faces of the TC Cube is “crisscrossed” (as is the case on the Sun-Star of Peru) we discover that on each side a calculation is reflected that demonstrates that the “30” has finished His Ministry at “33” for 6,844.8’ * 2 = 13,689.6 Linear Feet = “33” (digit sum) and when 33 * 6 (faces) takes place we arrive at 198 or “18” … for the One Who came at 30 and was “cut off” at 33 was not cut off for Himself but for the New Jerusalem (18). 
Confirming that this “30” and “33” is the Messiah – we simply determine the Linear Measurement of six crisscrosses on each of the six sides of the TC Cube and discover:  13,689.6’ (2 diagonal crisscrossed lines) * 6 = 82,137.6’ or a digit sum of “27” = Messiah Revealed – and we are confirmed!  Likewise, we are assured that this Messiah is altogether pleasing to the God of the Universe in this ministry and offering for humankind for 82,137.6’ * 12” = 985,651.2” = digit sum of “36” = the 360° of the Eternal God as a circle without beginning or ending.
Finally, a most astonishing calculation in comparing and contrasting the New Jerusalem Diagram with that of the New Jerusalem Proportional Diagram reflected in the Teotihuacán Complex…and this is somewhat breathtaking, for it provides the full expression of the 5040 Utopian City of Plato wherein this number of 54 is the optimal number of societal peace, justice and true happiness among peoples:
4,420/7,920 = .545454545454 (4,420 = 2 Moon diameters of the New Jerusalem Diagram and the 7,920 is the diameter of the Earth).
2,640/4,840 = .545454545454 (2,640 = 2 Moon diameters of the Teotihuacán as a reflection of the New Jerusalem Diagram and the 4,840 is the diameter of the Teotihuacán “circle within the square”).
The repetition into infinity of these two number sets is altogether gratifying, for both bear witness that the 5040 or that the “9” is there as the Sun of Righteousness Who provides the Optimal Expression of Societal Bliss through the very Sun of Righteousness in both the New Jerusalem Diagram and its counterpart, the Teotihuacán Reflection of the New Jerusalem Diagram.  And, of course, both of these 54s are as 54 + 54 = 108 and this is the “18” of the New Jerusalem!
Finally, the “54” utterly resounds in both Michell’s New Jerusalem Diagram and that of Teotihuacán’s Reflection thereof – for the composite diameters of the 12 Moons/Constellations surrounding the Earth’s 7,920 mile diameter are equal to:  12 * 2,160 = 25,920 which is the number set in years of the Great Precessional of the Mazzaroth/Zodiac.  Also, the 12 Moons of Teotihuacán * 1,320’ diameter is equal to 15,840’.  The 25,920 = 18 and the 15,840 = 18 and combined we have:  25,920 + 15,840 = 41,760 and this likewise equals to 18; therefore, there are three sets of “18” and 18 * 3 = 54 and that just about does it!
[I digress a bit here only to say that the “12 sons of Jacob” vs. the “11 sons of Canaan” and the 11th Horn of Antichrist seen in Daniel is an eye-popping differential from time immemorial – we’ve been at war between the 12 and 11 ever since!  Now, moving on...and, understand, this ultimately has everything to do with the “layout of the land” in reference to our topic:  Teotihuacán – for it is the Magnesia, the model of the New Jerusalem.]

Mitchell in his New Jerusalem Diagram eventually creates 5 concentric rings/spheres with the innermost having a diameter of 144 or radius of 72.  His second from the innermost sphere connotes the Moon's radius of 1080 then he extends the next ring out an additional 2,880 in that 1080 + 2880 = 3960 (the radius of the Earth); adding beyond these three spheres two additional spheres each extending an additional 1,080 or in sum:  72 + 1080 + 2880 + 1080 + 1080 = 6192 (or as is my duty = 6192 * 2 = 12,384 (full diameter of the outermost circle) = 18 or 6192 = 18 +  6192 = 18 and 18 + 18 = 36 = 3 + 6 = 9) and, of course, 36 is a fractal of the 360° in a circle (the outermost circle). 

Michell then brings forth from the Chinese Book of Diagrams a “river map” wherein it states:  “The aggregate number of the Superior Principle of nature is 216...and the aggregate number of the Inferior Principle of nature is 144....the two aggregate number[s] of the Superior and the Inferior Principles of nature, added together make 360, the number of days (generally reckoned) for a year” (Ibid., Michell) and I add the number of degrees in a circle.

He then subtracts of 1080 and the 1080 or 2160 (the moon's diameter) + the 144 (or 72 + 72 = 144 - the “innermost dot diameter” for a total of 144 + 2160 = 2,304 (which equals “9” again) and arrives at an “area” outside this immediate interior exclusion of 252,000 sq. feet (somehow) which, in point of fact is the distance at apogee between the Earth and the Moon in miles and, of course, is the 25.20” or 252 fractal of the Sacred Cubit.

All of the above is related to the construction of the New Jerusalem Diagram and its ability - as you have discovered - to manipulate its geometry from the twelve-sided exterior object - the five concentric circles + the innermost circle with 144 diameter (which could possibly equate to that of the six spheres found in the Sun-Star of Peru).  The “12” or Duodecimal dominates the New Jerusalem Diagram and at its very “essence” is 3 * 4 = 12 or 3 (the Triune God) working with His Creation (4 as in the 4 directions - north/east/south/west) or God and Man in unison - in cooperation in "fellowship" in unity - thus, “12” proliferates in the New Jerusalem and the supremacy of her diagram which Michell intuitively knew involved the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. 

Most of the above is taken from his first chapter in Dimensions:  THE HEAVENLY CITY AS ETERNAL STANDARD wherein he constructs the New Jerusalem Diagram and is but a shallow and/or cursory rendition of the profundity of his brilliance.
Circumference of the Citadel – and the “Teotihuacán Large Circle”
We had well-established that the Citadel’s platform was a perfect square with 1,320’ x 1,320’ being its dimension.  This calculation was substantiated by Harleston’s proportional genius using his STUs at 378 STU x 378 STU which we found were just shy of producing 1,320’ x 1,320’ by around 6’ at each of his corners.  Sugiyama’s measurements of the Citadel were disappointing; however, those of the Jim Allen interpretation by a number of metrologists confirmed the square of the Citadel and his GPS substantiated the 1,320’ at least on one side while his Sumerian Foot platform blocks of 50 s.f. were 1,200 (or 1,320’) x 1,150 s.f. (or 1,265 Imperial Feet) for some inexplicable reason – while eventually he felt that it was probably a square which would demand a 1,320’ x 1,320’ dimension 1,200 s.f. x 1,200 s.f.  Initially, being shy some 55 Linear Feet (Imperial) or 50 s.f. @ 13.2” = 660” (if you’re going to be shy, that’s a great number of shyness) and 660”/12” = 55 Imperial Linear Feet.
The circumference of the Citadel’s 5,280’ greatly assists us in the overall circumferences which we need from the 7,920’ (length – the fractal of Earth’s diameter of 7,920 miles) by 2,640’ (the width or 1,320’ * 2 = 2,640’) of the entire complex whose width ambiguities, claimed by S. Sugiyama, were, nevertheless, confirmed by Harleston who gave the “widths” (i.e., either side of the axis) at 378 STU or 756 STU ( i.e., the total width being 378 STU * 2 = 756 STU (Hunabs) * 3.4757485 ft. (length of the Sacred Jewish Rod) = 2,627.66587’ whereas our 2,640’ makes Harleston’s measurement 12.334134’ overall shorter or scarcely 6.167067’ short on either side of the width – a miniscule differential.
Therefore, using Pi in its most simple form of 3.14 we discover the following circumference at the Citadel:  3.14 * 1,320’ (Citadel’s diameter if a circle within a square) = 4,144.8’ or * 12” = 49,737.6”.  Here we discover something very fascinating.  Consider our number set in feet we have 4…144…8.  This brings us several outstanding considerations:  (1)  4 + 8 = 12 (and “48” will later be shown to be an integral configuration in TC’s measurements) – therefore is the duodecimal “system” confirmed and the pronounced significance of the number “12” in all things surrounding the New Jerusalem (“7” being the other number); (2) 144 which is the Wall of the New Jerusalem and another vital number set and in accordance with “12” wherein 12 * 12 = 144; and, of course, the “two sets of 144,000” as found in the Revelation (chapters 7 and 14) which directly refer to the 12 Tribes of Israel sealed and the second set of 144,000 (not the same but wholly distinct) of the Church, the 12 Apostles of the Lamb who are seen “in heaven atop Mt. Zion” and characterize the “heavenly status” of the Church – i.e., Israel is to the Earth as the Church is to the Heavens (these are the two spheres of “influence” and testimony); (3) the digit sum of “21” is immediately noticed in that 4 + 1 + 4 + 4 + 8 = 21…this is the “platform” set of the Sun-Star-Cross of Peru (i.e., 21 x 21 squares which are 26.4’ x 26.4’ each) and is/are the total number of the overall Teotihuacán Complex as seen below: and (4) 12 * 144 result in 1728 which gives us “18” the Measurement Standard of the New Jerusalem and 12and the number set whereby the cubic inch is determined of capacity/volume of an object. 
Again, the diagonal of the Citadel is 1861.2’ or “18” or crisscrossed at 3,722.4’ which is likewise “18” and 18 + 18 = 36 * 6 (determined its 6-faced crisscrossed cube) = 216 which equal both “9” (Sun of Righteousness) and the Moon’s diameter, the Name of God, 1/12th of the Great Precessional in years as in 2,160 years and, of course, the 21,600 Nautical Mile Earth circumference.  Furthermore, 1861.2’ * 12” = 22,334.4” giving us “double sets” throughout as in 22…33…44 or 4 * 6 * 8 = 192 or “12” or 1…9…2 wherein “9” (Sun of Righteousness) is surround by “12” one of the prime numbers of the New Jerusalem.  Also 4 + 6 + 8 = “18” = the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement.
When we arrive at the overall Teotihuacán Complex measurements we find that 7,920 feet + 7,920 feet (as a rectangle) + 2,640’ + 2,640’ = 21,120’ wherein the Complex perimeter expresses the “21” and the “12” – precisely the way the 21 x 21 blocks of the Sun-Star-Cross of Peru’s platform is laid out to include the Cross and the 12 x 12 platform area for the Sun-Star only – absolutely superb!
In order to calculate the “circumference” of this 1.5 x .5 mile rectangle that calculates to .75 sq. miles or “12” – the “object” was divided along its axis wherein 2,640’/2 = 1,320’ and then its length was separated into 1,320’ segments on either side of the axis or 7,920’/6 = 1,320’ each; therefore, 1,320’ by 1,320’ constitutes 12 such blocks of the overall Teotihuacán Complex.
Therefore, each of the twelve 1,320’ x 1,320’ squares along the axis constitutes a circumference of 4,144.8’ (a circle within the square) – giving us 4…144…8 or 4 + 8 = 12 and 144 and, of course, 12 * 144 = 1728 or 12and the “21” digit sum.  It is immediately noticed that the Sacred Cubit, as in the case of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sun-Star-Cross of Peru is endemic to the measuring in that there are 12 distinct blocks of Teotihuacán’s Complex in the determination of her 12 circumferences; therefore, 12 * 21 (this “21” derived from the 4,144.8’ circumference of the 1,320’ x 1,320’ square and the circle within it) gives us 252 which is the full resemblance of the Sacred Cubit measurement of 25.20” and is the distance between the Earth and the Moon at apogee (i.e., 252,000 miles) and is the number of degrees of Earth’s rotation in a one-week period of time (i.e., 7 * 360° = 2520°) – likewise, it is repeatedly pointed out that the sum of the 2 + 5 + 2 digits is “9” equaling to the Sun of Righteousness – the “Ninth Ray” or 8 Solar System “legitimate planets” (excluding the dwarf planet Pluto) + 1 (the Sun, our Morning Star Who shall ARISE with healing in His Wings on the Great Day of God) = 9 (i.e., 8 + 1 = 9).
The initial measurement of 4,144.8’ of the first of 12 such circumferences is multiplied by 12 ea. (this will also give us the circumference in inches); however, all 12 blocks of Teotihuacán equal:  12 * 4,144.8’ = 49,737.6’ giving us a digit sum of a perfect sphere of 360° or “36.”  Thus the “circumference of the Teotihuacán circle” is that of a circle, if you would, which is 360° but, of course, is 49,737.6’ making its “corporate diameter” (all twelve 1,320’ Teotihuacán Moon diameters combined) a total of 49,737.6’/3.14 = 15,840’ which appears most familiar.  Should be, because 15,840’ * 12” = 190,080” which is “18” as is 15,840’ but this 1….9….8 is the New Jerusalem (18) surrounding the Sun of Righteousness on the Throne (9), if you would – a most stunning expression. 
The “15,840” was initially determined when we noticed from the Jim Allen analysis using the Sumerian foot of 13.2” wherein the Citadel’s base measurement (and verified by GPS) was 1,200 s.f. * 13.2” = 15,840”/12” (to determined linear feet) = 1,320 feet.  Likewise, the 15,840’ (i.e., the circumference of the Teotihuacán Circle (esoteric combined diameters of its 1,320’ diameter Moons) which is “18”) when it is divided by 2.1’ (the measurement of the 25.20” Sacred Cubit in feet) is equal to 7,542’ wherein 7542 is seen as “54” (Plato’s Optimal Number of Societal Harmony) and is surrounded by the Name of God (72).  Here, also, we have “18” as in 7 + 5 + 4 + 2 = 18, the Standard Measurement of the New Jerusalem.  The 15,840’/12” = 1,320’ and two sides of the length of the Teotihuacán axis is equal to 15,840’ as in 2 * 7,920’ = 15,840’.
Area of the Teotihuacán’s “Moon Circles” and Composite Circle = π * r2 – Their Comparisons and Contrast with the New Jerusalem Diagram
There is/are some New Jerusalem-confirming results when the area of the 12 circles of Teotihuacán is considered (i.e., its 12 * 1,320’ = 15,840’ composite circle diameter). 
First of all, allow me to remind us all, that the 12 circles are a reflection of the New Jerusalem Diagram’s 12 circles of 2,160 diameter (that of the Moon’s 2,160 mile diameter) which surround the largest circle of the diagram having a diameter of 7,920 miles (that of the Earth) and a radius of 3,960 miles (Dimensions of Paradise, Chapter 1:  The Heavenly City as Eternal Standard, John Michell, pp. 6-47 – Please see, above, the commencement of the New Jerusalem Diagram prepared by Dr. John Michell).
Incidentally, Michell’s diagram wherein the “circle within the square” as representative of the Earth’s diameter is seen in the “Teotihuacán’s New Jerusalem Diagram” – if you would – in which the radius of the Teotihuacán’scomposite circle of 12 TC Moon diameters divided by 2 = radius of TC Composite Circle) is juxtaposed to the Earth’s diameter of 7,920 miles (but in feet with Teotihuacán or TC’s 12 circle diameters = 1,320’ (diameter of one of the 12 circles) * 12 = 15,840’/2 (axis) = 7,920’ = Radius of the “Composite Circle of TC’s 12 Moons). 
Also, instead of the 31,680 mile perimeter of the New Jerusalem Diagram (4-square or 7920 mile Earth diameter * 4 = 31,680 miles perimeter on four edges/base of the New Jerusalem Diagram), the Teotihuacán square perimeter of the composite circle within her square would be 15,840’ (its composite 12 * 1,320’ diameter) * 4 (for her diameter is the side of her square) = 63,360 Linear Feet (the TC four-square base) which when divided by 5,280’ (one mile) is equal to 12 miles (four-square edges).  Therefore, 31,680 mile perimeter of the New Jerusalem Diagram (Michell) is likewise the 7,920,000’ (actual edge of one of the 12 sides of the New Jerusalem of Revelation) * 4 = 31,680,000’ or 31,680 miles is a fractal of the Revelation New Jerusalem’s 4-square base of 31,680,000’.  The perimeter of the New Jerusalem Diagram of 31,680 miles * 2 = 63,360 linear miles which is a fractal of the 63,360 linear feet of the four-square Teotihuacán Square around its composite circle whose diameter is 15,840’ (or 15,840’ * 4 = 63,360’). 
Not only is this 6…33…6 seen above in this manner but in the 52.8’ (the Throne Room of the Sun-Star-Cross and the “heart of the cross” itself or 52.8’ * 12” = 633.6”) but by demonstrating its “reappearance” as the perimeter of the Teotihuacán Composite Square perimeter in feet of 63,360’, we would concur that such a “perfect resemblance” brings Teotihuacán and the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross into “reflective compatibility” – in other words, those who designed the Sun-Star-Cross had the same understanding of measurement as those who designed Teotihuacán’s “Holy District.”
Indeed, at the very heart of the Sun-Cross and the Sun-Star and the “Composite Square” surrounding the Composite Circle of Teotihuacán (wherein all of TC’s 12 Moon diameters are added together as the dimension of the TC Composite Diameter and sides of her Circle and Square) is the 6…33…6 wherein Messiah at the age of “33” gave His all between two thieves (6…6).  To substitute any other human sacrifice (which was the defiling and deceptive case with those who practice such dastardly substitution in time past) can never obviate the supreme sacrifice of the Suffering Servant so clearly depicted in these metrologies so stated.  It is as if they who descended to such inhuman practices did so – not as some insidious form of cultural expression – but as an affront to the “Lamb upon the throne” and, consequently, as an affront in trampling asunder the “blood of the Everlasting Covenant” made between the Almighty and humankind!
Michell’s brilliance of the 31,680 miles by using the diameter of Earth’s 7,920 miles * 4 (4-sided square) = 31,680 miles, is to take the edge of Revelation’s 7,920,000’ (i.e., 12,000 furlongs * 660’ = 7,920,000’) and make it four-square (which it is) resulting in 7,920,000’ * 4 = 31,680,000’…thus, Michell’s 4-sided square of 31,680 miles (using Earth’s diameter as the very diameter of his “circle within the square”) perfectly reflects the four-square (31,680,000’) of the actual New Jerusalem, ergo Michell’s New Jerusalem Diagram.
The Teotihuacán Composite Square is precisely double in size of the 31,680 * 2 = 63,360 (insofar as number set concerns).  Why? ...to reflect the 6…33…6.  But just as the “digit sum” of 6 + 3 + 3 + 6 = “18” – we again can see that the “cutting off” of Messiah in accordance with Daniel 9:26 was “not for himself” but for His Bride, the Holy City, New Jerusalem (“18”) and this is immediately recognized in the cubing of the 63,360 * 3 (producing 12 edges of a cube from the immediate four) giving us 190,080 Linear Feet or 19which not only is “18” but produces the Sun of Righteousness (“9”) at the very heart of the New Jerusalem (i.e., 1….8).  This most obvious replication of the divine engagement with humankind is utterly at the core of the Almighty’s plan of redemption and could not, numerically, be more expressive in the 198!
The diameter of one of the “12 moons” of Teotihuacán – if I could be so demonstrative – is equal to 1,320’.  When this diameter is subtracted from the 2,160 (mile) diameter of the Moon we arrive at this remainder:  2,160 – 1,320 = 840.  When 840 is multiplied by 12 our product is:  12 * 840 = 10,080 which immediately constitutes the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement of “18” and, as well, is equal to the lunar radius of 1,080 miles (as a number set).
The “area” of the 1,320’ diameter “Moon” – one of 12 such upon her axis – is calculated as:  1,320’/2 = 660’ (Teotihuacán Moon radius).  This 660’ – however – immediately signals the priority measurement of the edge of the New Jerusalem at 660’ in one furlong – therefore, we most certainly realize this similarity and know that its calculation is “pre-ordained” to align dimensions and measurements to that of the New Jerusalem – the Heavenly City as Eternal Standard.
Now, this 660’ radius is squared or 660’ * 660’ = 435,600’ (A = π * r2) and then multiplied by Pi or 435,600’ * 3.14 (simplified Pi) = 1,367,784 sq. ft.  This calculation of one of Teotihuacán’s 12 Moons is recognizable in and of itself, again, as “36” (1 + 3 + 6 + 7 + 7 + 8 + 4 = “36”) or the Eternal God without beginning or ending as in 360° in a circle.  Therefore, the area of this circle reflects the degrees of the circle. 
As a “massive reflection” of the Sun of Righteousness, this “36” multiplied by its 12 Moons is equal to:  36 * 12 = 432 and this “432” is the radius of the Sun’s Diameter of 864,000 miles or 864/2 = 432.  Therefore, is not the Sun of Righteousness the very Light of the Holy City, New Jerusalem?  Of course!  Allow me to utterly substantiate that charge:  36 * 12 = 432 or 432,000 miles is the radius of the literal Sun – therefore, 432,000 miles/5,280’ (5,280’ in one mile) = 81.8181818181818181818181818181 (Yes, I know I am mixing apples with oranges; however, if the original were 432,000’ and we divided by feet in a mile (5,280’) our answer would be in “units” equal to an innumerable and resounding demonstration of the “81” or “81 dots” of the Sun of Righteousness as found at the Sun-Star of Peru and is 8 + 1 = 9 the math here is simply taking 432,000 units and determining how many units of 5,280 will “fit” into 432,000 units with the answer being the 81.81.
Furthermore, taking the area of 1,367,784 sq. ft./43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) we arrive at 31.4 acres * 12 (the 12 Moons of Teotihuacán) = 376.8 acres or “24” – which “24” constitute the 24 Elders of the New Jerusalem and, consequently, connote the Divine Governance of the City.  The TC actual acres if 480 acres or 2,640’ * 7,920’ = 20,908,800 sq. ft./43,560 sq. ft. (one acre) = 480 acres.  When the “area of the 12 Moon circles of Teotihuacán” are subtracted therefrom we find:  480 acres less 376.8 acres (12 Moon Circle Areas) give us a remainder of 103.2 acres which is a fractal of either 13.2” Sumerian Foot or the 1,320’ or .25 of a mile of the 12 squares of the TC and likewise of the Citadel’s base edge measurement (i.e., 1,320’). 
This 103.2 acres * 43,560’ = 4,495,392 sq. feet or a digit sum of “36” representative of a perfect 360° sphere/circle, the Eternal God – whereas the remainder of the 480 acres…i.e., 480 less 103.2 acres = 376.8 acres * 43,560’ = 16,413,408 sq. feet or a digit sum of “27” or Messiah Revealed – thus, the Eternal God (36) and the revelation of Messiah (27) complement each other and 36 + 27 = 63 which is 6 + 3 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness or 36 – 27 = 9or 36 * 27 = 972 which is “18” of the New Jerusalem Standard of Measurement and, just in case you missed it:  The 12-edged perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza is:  756’ (prime base edge) * 12 (as a cube has 12 edges) = 9,072’ or 972 = 972 and both are equal to 18 as in 9 + 7 + 2 = 18.
The 1,367,784 sq. ft. (area of one of the 12 TC Moons) * 12 (the 12 Moons of Teotihuacán) = 16,413,408 sq. feet =27 and this 27 is the full revelation of Messiah revealed in the 27 text of Christian Sacred Canon and is 2 + 7 = 9 = the Sun of Righteousness.  When we secure the square inches of this dimension we find:  16,413,408 sq. feet * 144 = 2,363,530,752 sq. inches = 36 (digit sum) which, again, represents the Eternal God without beginning or ending as in 360° of a circle and, therefore, the 12 Moon individual areas combined are that of a circle!  Again, this 27 * 36 = 972= “18” but is, as well, the fractal of the 12-cubed Great Pyramid of Giza (i.e., 9,072’).
However, let’s take, again, all the diameters of the 12 Moons of Teotihuacán – combining them into one large diameter @ 1,320’ * 12 = 15,840’ (which is the 12-edged cubing of the Citadel or 1,320’ – one edge - * 12 = 15,840 Linear Feet of a cubed Citadel).  Now let us determine the Large Teotihuacán Circle’s radius and ultimate area of this circle:
Wherein:  15,840’/2 = 7,920’ (which is the diameter of the Earth and the full diameter of Michell’s New Jerusalem Diagram) = radius of the Large Teotihuacán Circle.  This is then multiplied by itself (squared) or 7,920’ * 7,920’ = 62,726,400 sq. feet * 3.14 = 196,960,896 sq. feet or a digit sum of:  “54” – this undoubtedly and immediately constitutes Plato’s Optimal Number for Societal Harmony of 5040, which figure (i.e., “5040”) is seen on the New Jerusalem Diagram wherein the radius of the Earth is combined with the radius of one of the twelve Moons surrounding the large “circle within the square” wherein 3,960 (Earth’s radius) + 1,080 (Moon’s radius) = 5,040.
Now, “banking” this “54” in order to determine the number of square inches in the Larger Circle of Teotihuacán, we discover this: 196,960,896 sq. feet * 144 sq. inches (144 sq. in. in one sq. ft.) = 28,362,369,024 sq. inches = a digit sum of:  45 connoting the return of the Sun of Righteousness during the “45 days” of Daniel 12:12 unto the 1,335th day.  Therefore, we now have “54” + “45” – combining both feet and inches to equal to “99” which is the Magnification of the Sun of Righteousness Himself or representative of His First and Second Comings for His New Jerusalem as in 9 + 9 = 18 or 9 * 9 = 81 = 8 + 1 = 9 Sun of Righteousness or 54 * 45 = 2,430 = “9” and 54 less 45 = “9” and, therefore, all “9s” point to the person and work of the Sun of Righteousness.
The volume/capacity of the “Teotihuacán Moons” demonstrate spectacular results in that the “cubed height” of one of her Moons is equal to 1,320’ (height); therefore our 12-moon volume (where:  V = πr2h) is equal to:  = 1806390000 ft3or a digit sum of “27” being three sets of “9” as in 18….63….9 or 3 sets of “9” as in 999 which is the ultimate Magnification in Eternity of the Sun of Righteousness and, of course, “27” is Messiah Revealed.
The volume/capacity of all 12 Moons combined = 1806390000 ft* 12 = 21,676,680,000 ft with a digit sum of “36” – and the circle is complete in that 36 is the 360° of a Circle = the Eternal God without beginning or ending; therefore, “27” and “36” interaction we find that 27 * 36 = 972 which is 9  (as 9) + 9 (as 7 + 2 = 9) = “18” and is the Sun of righteousness Magnified (99) but not for Himself but for His Bride, the Holy City, New Jerusalem, “18” in that 9 + 9 = 18; and 972 is the 9,072’ 12-edged perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
As a Larger Circle with sundry heights to constitute its cylinder – we could most definitely configure Teotihuacán’s composite diameter – using the diameters of all the smaller Moons combined @ 12 * 1,320’ = 15,840’/2 = 7,920’ (her radius).  Now, if her sundry depths/height were the following:  1,320’ – 2,640’ – 3,960’ – 5,280’ – 7,920’ – it would produce the following cylindrical volumes:
1,320’ (height) = 260120000000 ft3 – or digit sum:      11
2,640’ (height) = 520241000000 ft– or digit sum:       14
3,960’ (height) = 780361000000 ftor digit sum:                    25
5,280’ (height) = 1040480000000 ftor digit sum:                  17
7,920’ (height) = 1560720000000 ftor digit sum:                 21 = Total Sum = “88”
All of these particular volumes (digit sums) are relatively meaningless; however, when the “21” (derived from the 7,920’ height, etc.) is added to the totals we arrive at a digit sum of “88” which constitutes the era of New Beginnings – the Magnification of New Beginning for “8” is the number of New Beginning, Equilibrium, First Day of the Week – the octagon.  However, as a reflection of the New Jerusalem we discover:  11 * 14 * 25 * 17 * 21 = 1,374,450 = a digit sum of “24” which connotes the Divine Governance of the New Jerusalem:  12 Patriarchs of Israel and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb – viz., Israel and the Church. 
I’m not saying that the volume of the Large Circle of Teotihuacán is so subtle as to produce such a magnanimous figure but it has!  I say this in that the sums, as well, of all the various heights (i.e., 1,320’ – 2,640’ – 3,960’ – 5,280’ – 7,920’ = 21,120’ which is the very perimeter measurement of the Teotihuacán Complex (as in 7,920’ – length + 7,920’ – length + 2,640’ – width + 2,640’ width = 21,120’and this “21” and “12” give us the same configurations/platforms we see at the Sun-Star-Cross of Peru and other Sacred Sites around the globe – and, of course, 21,120’ * 12” = 253,440” which has a digit sum of  “18” – the prime expression and Standard of Measurement of the New Jerusalem.
The 21,120 signals to us something, as well, when combined with the 31,680’ (4-square of the New Jerusalem), for 21,120’/5,280’ = 4 and 31,680’/5,280’ = 6 and when the two are multiplied as factors we arrive at this product:  4 * 6 = 24 which connotes the “24” of Divine Governance of the New Jerusalem in that the “24 Elders” upon their thrones – the 12 Tribes of Israel/Patriarchs + the 12 Apostles of the Lamb (the Church) = 24.  The Holy City, New Jerusalem, is a full expression of Divine Governance; likewise is Mexico’s City of God – a rather “brazen statement” on our part, but one which deserves credible consideration given the perimeter of Teotihuacán (21,120’) and the “perimeter” of the 4-square base edge of the New Jerusalem (31,680,000’) or 2112 vs. 3168 are digit sums of 6 (2112) and 18 (3168) and 6 + 18 = 24
The Imperial Mile is hard at work here – conforming BOTH Teotihuacán’s Complex perimeter and that of the New Jerusalem; and, if you do not think the Imperial Mile is hard at work in this effort, consider this:  2112 + 3168 = 5280(1 Imperial Mile = 5,280’).  If you are not yet convinced, try this:  6 (2112) * 18 (3168) = “108” and this, obviously, is the “18” of the New Jerusalem!  And, “behind it all” we have:  6 * 18 * 18 (2112 = 6; 3168 = 18; 5280 = 18) = 1,944 or as you can clearly see is not only “18” but 1944 or “9” and “144” wherein the Sun of Righteousness “9” is wholly devoted to the New Jerusalem and/or the Wall of the New Jerusalem (144) encloses the Sun of Righteousness (9) Who is at the heart of the New Jerusalem (144 and “18” for 1 + 9 + 4 + 4 = 18).
Before we synthesize the various metrologies regarding the dimensions – in particular, the base perimeter of the Pyramid of the Moon – imagine, we have already achieved an analysis of Teotihuacán’s Twelve Moons, which are a reflection of the New Jerusalem Diagram and of the New Jerusalem herself! 
Again, three imperatives will prejudice our observations:  (1)  The literal measurement of immediate (after severe renovation and so-called restoration of the Pyramid of the Moon since the turn of the Twentieth Century) – here our dependence upon the three main metrologists aforementioned will be evaluated; (2) Original metrological renderings which were intended by the most distant architects; and (3) the realization that the Pyramid of the Moon “set the pace” as the original and most apparent structure and that in so doing the other measurements of the Pyramid of the Sun, Citadel, overall Complex and sundry distances between these dominant objects must be considered in determining the ultimate measurements of the Pyramid of the Moon and, ultimately a thorough consideration of the Pyramid of the Moon’s distance between itself and the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Sun’s connection to the Temple of the Feathered Snake at the Citadel and how all their distances interconnect with the Avenue of the Dead.   
I wish to add a poignant remark on behalf of my “spiritual critics” who are a somewhat confounded, concerned and conspiratorial in their critique.  The classical response from a number of well-meaning churchmen goes something like this:  This is pure foolishness – what’s this got to do with the Gospel of Christ?  It’s rubbish and worse, playing into the devil’s design to distract the Church from her original mission – plain and simple – “Who has beguiled you from the simplicity that is in Christ?”  Just stand on the Word of God, man – skeptics will never be persuaded but by the preaching of the Word, etc., etc.
Well, perhaps they haven’t clearly read these tomes to the extent that some have and are duly persuaded that this is hardly a diversion from the Truth that is in Messiah, the Christ.  The Almighty has given us signposts along the road of history and life – several Sacred Volumes and before and during the testimony of men and women who bore witness to the Eternal God – e.g., we haven’t always had the revealed truth from Scripture!
I dare say that the Apostle Paul’s venture at Mars Hill was not a waste of time and energy – Paul knew precisely where the philosophies of the Greeks led – but we “met them on their own level of reality and experience” and proclaimed the gospel in a manner understandable to the supremacy of their cultural day!   Peter told us that some of what Paul shared was “hard to understand.”  Rightly so – those caught up in the “simplicity of Christ” should immediately recognize that “simplicity” is not “stupidity” – nor a denial of genuine knowledge.
Faith is not the absence of reason – “Come now and let us reason together says the Lord – though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow – though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool!”  How’s that?  Just look at yourself!  It is truly reasonable to ascertain the depth of one’s own iniquity when measured by the “reed of God.” 
Do you stand up to the Eternal’s righteousness?  The biggest lie is that you would even consider such a proposition!  Therefore, it is “reasonable” to assume you are, like the rest of us, naught but a wretched sinner – having lied, stolen, coveted, lusted, and in sum, are nothing more than a miserable, wretched sinner or a self-righteous fool! 
Now, with that fundamental proposition – YOU NEED A SAVIOR!  A Deliverer.  Some are blithely convinced that if they “reincarnate sufficiently enough” that “eventually” they’ll reach some state of perfection.  No, I don’t wish these folks well because, “after death the judgment” – GAME OVER!    
Today – all the validation and confirmation from science, music, math, the arts, chemistry, optics, ad nausea, ad infinitum, will not convince one iota if the Spirit of God does not convict and convince you of your wretched condition in the sight of the Almighty – dare you compare yourself with the Wisdom of God?
So – get over it – accept these “signposts” upon this Earth as another sterling effort on the part of the Creator to speak to you concerning His intentions for you are altogether marvelous – this is good news – great news – saving news.  That’s what this is all about – and all we’re required to do is to admit our insufficiencies (hard for Americans who are last in mathematical performance but first among the industrialized nations in self-esteem – literally!).  Math of this nature is like my students who flunked a test and then gave themselves high fives – what’s wrong with this picture?
I’ll tell you what’s wrong – it’s called “believing the LIE!”  Self-deception comes in many packages – one of the best is you can do this yourself – i.e., “be white as the driven snow, as wool.”  No, you need 6…33…6 in the worst way – one, not both, but one of the thieves said it all:  REMEMBER ME WHEN YOU COME INTO YOUR KINGDOM!  But you’ve got to say it – no one else can do this for you – “You must be born again!”  Better to be “born again” than reincarnated…yes, you need a new birth – here and now – not some déjà-vu recollection of some ambiguous past life. 
But, as long as you believe that gravity is all that was needed to produce this extraordinary universe – or, worse yet, since you’ve reasonably calculated that all these nuts and bolts, given our 4.5 billion year alleged history, didn’t just come together like a melted terminator – grief, talk about reasonable…I’ve done the math and still can’t figure out how 75 TRILLION cells in my own body “got it together”…I mean, I may be messed up, but really, I’m, like you, quite a remarkable machine.  Math-wise, we could have all the elements around forever and still nothing would/could have come of it – and don’t give me this cop-out that the aliens visited us and made us and are returning to “see what’s up.”
Nonsense!  You don’t need the aliens to stop by and visit – you, as I, need to cease and desist our alienation from the Creator.  I used to really like the “message left on the phone” by my brother:  “Hey, this is Skip – YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!”
Doug Krieger

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